Window Treatment Ideas for Full Wall Sized Extra-Large Windows

Extra large windows are without a doubt in trend for new home and building designs. Homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants and many other buildings use full wall sizes large windows beautifully. To dress up your extra-large windows is particularly challenging. Firstly, you will need large window treatment ideas that look great and then they whole thing needs to be functional and durable too.

Typically, windows don’t exceed the size range of 5-6 feet in both dimensions. However, large living rooms in homes and waiting rooms in hotels and many other settings can have much larger windows. Often, where there is a view to be enjoyed outside, people opt for full wall sized windows as well. Not all kinds of window treatment ideas work well on these extra-large windows. Here are some that do:

Cellular Shades for Large Windows

Cellular shades come in many different shapes and forms. Their thin and light forms are perfect to optimize daylight in your rooms while boosting privacy as well. Cellular shades particularly suit windows that have more height than width. Some designs can also have cellular shades in panels as well.

Cellular shades offer window treatment ideas that provide both aesthetic standpoint and also great functionality. Push button automation is also available with advanced cellular shades. These form a nice layer on your large windows that will provide maximum functionality as well.

You can easily lift these up as they will roll quite nicely revealing the whole large window glass. For times of the day when you have direct sunlight intersecting your windows, these can provide great filtration too. Beautiful color choices and amazing designs make them perfect choice for wider large windows.

Vertical Blinds Cover Large Windows Beautifully

Vertical blinds are also some of the best window treatment ideas for extra-large windows. These typically suit windows that are taller than they are wider. They will have their customary vertically cut pieces of composite materials that cover windows up nicely. Flexible materials make for good options.

Elegant vertical blinds can be applied for full length windows. When you have corner windows that have all glass designs, vertical blinds window treatment ideas can be used too. Different window sides can have their own vertical blinds fitments to make things look professional and unique.

Also, vertical blinds are available in any required colors and finishes. Their composite materials allow for easy peak out when you need as well. Rolling them to the side reveals full windowpane. You can enjoy your outside garden view when needed. Blackout rooms can also be acquired by turning them on.

Wooden Blinds Create an Aesthetic Pleasure

Conservatories or backyard home extensions are usually all glass. Their windows and doors are all exposed glass that makes the rooms too bright during daylight hours. Wooden window blinds present the perfect conservatory window and door covering options for any home.

Wooden blinds can also be used for large living room windows or guest waiting rooms in hotels. Spas make great use of natural wooden blinds as well. Their overall aesthetic appeal combined with maximum functionality makes them the perfect window treatment options for large windows.

When you find wood blinds to be too heavy in extra-large sizes, faux wood can be the perfect choice. Whether you go the faux wood way or with real wooden blinds, you can’t go wrong with either. They will look great and will provide full window covering or revealing opportunity for any time of the day.

Light Filtering Automated Shades

For office and commercial building windows where lot of screens are used, light filtering window treatment ideas are needed. Light filtering blinds or shutters make it possible to enjoy the outside view while still filter the unwanted light. These are made from synthetic thin layers of materials.

These are typically semi-transparent filtering out too bright light and still keeping things bright enough. Their usual softer materials make them easy to clean and maintain as well. You can easily eliminate glare of the sun while still keeping the good part of daylight. On demand, different colors can also be made.

Light filtering automated shades are very advanced and modern. They have motorized mechanisms that allow for remote or mobile application-based functionality. You can easily find light filtering blinds and shades for all sizes of windows. These typically look great on large sizes windows in any settings as well.

Blackout Roller Shades for Large Windows

Large windows in homes usually need to be covered up for blackout interiors. Quality roller blinds in large sizes provide the perfect window treatment ideas for this requirement. Roller blinds are available in thick and dense materials that make them perfect for blackouts. All sizes are available as well.

Different panels of roller blinds can be used on different sides of the window glass. Their overall material can be printed in any required design as well. Needless to say, you have unlimited color choices with these as well to suit your interior settings

You will need thick materials for your roller blinds to get blackout functionality. Although, for light flirting, other thinner materials are available as well. Perfect for roller window blinds make these a great choice for large windows. Easy rolling on and off allows for maximum functionality.

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