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    instagram like app

    In the current times, when anyone snaps a picture, they immediately wonder if it is indeed worthy of being uploaded onto the Instagram application.

    Such is the impact that this highly popular social networking platform which started as a photo-sharing app left across the globe.

    It can also be used as an eCommerce app or as a business-oriented application as well. It is a robust social platform to get optimized business results.

    It is evident as a lot of enterprises across the world are motivated to integrate Instagram with their business functioning.

    Let’s see some statistics about Instagram

    • There are more than 500 million Instagram users who are active daily.
    • More than 50 billion photos have been shared on Instagram so far.
    • The number of photos and videos uploaded daily on to the platform account to more than 100 million.
    • Instagram has more than 25 million business profiles.
    • It is estimated that this year 75.3 % of all United States Enterprises will use Instagram.
    • As per a report, Instagram generated ad revenue worth $20 billion last year.

    Those facts are more than enough for anyone to invest in a business similar to Instagram by developing their own photo/video sharing mobile application.

    It can be achieved by what is called an Instagram clone solution. So, let’s see what the essential features that should be a part of such a clone solution are.

    (a)     Seamless signup/registration

    It is where everything begins. Whenever users want to register for the app, it should extract only minimal information from them. Overburdening them with pages of registration will turn way people.

    Apart from email id or mobile number registration, you can add social connection where people can sign up via any of their other existing social media account details. It will finish things related to sign up immediately.

    You can, later on, ask for other information once the users start using the application.

    (b)     Uploading Pictures and Videos

    This feature allows users to upload clicked photos or recorded videos instantly. Otherwise, they can upload pre-existing media files from the phone gallery.  Furthermore, there should be a lot of options that speak of customization and editing. This includes the likes of crisp image & video filters, stickers, cropping, rotating, tagging and adding text to the media files before they ultimately get uploaded on to the social networks via the Instagram clone.

    (c)     Highly integrated User Profile

    Here people can edit their profile by changing their user name, passwords, profile picture and much more. They must also be able to view details related to the total number of followers, the number of people the users are following and the total number of posts that were made. Users must also be able to access previous activities such as posts that were liked/commented by them, people-based searches and the details related to the people who visited their profiles included.

    (d)     Chatting & Push Notifications

    As a social networking platform, the Instagram clone is incomplete if it doesn’t feature any integrated chat option or push notifications. Users must be able to chat with the followers seamlessly, and the followed via direct texting which can be enriched by stickers, GIFs and emoticons.

    Things can be spiced up by providing high definition Audio/Video Chatting for better user experience. 

    Besides, users should get instantly notified for any updates from the followers, and the followed be it new posts or uploads, likes, text messages and much more.

    This is the secret of getting people associated with using the application regularly.

    (e)     Searching and Exploring

    An Instagram clone must contain a highly robust search feature where the users can search for other people based on their first names, mail ids, user names and mobile numbers, locations and tags included.

    It can also be used for exploring other followers and the following to see what they are up to in recent times concerning activities like posts, comments and likes.


    That summed up some core features that speak of an Instagram clone promising unprecedented success in the social networking world.

    If you want to be thrust into the limelight in the domain of social media/ networking, we at Instagramcloneapps are pleased to offer our services which will help you in achieving stardom through our robust Instagram clone script.

    Our clone script comes with new features like smart photo-based search, photo to video converter and our very own exclusive Secret chat.

    We provide a 100% customized and white labelled solution for a price that varies from $7500 to $12000 depending upon how advanced and challenging your photo-sharing app ideas are.

    Visit Instagramcloneapp.com to know more.

    Author Bio:

    Vinoth is the CEO of the Canadian based technology company, Instagramcloneapps. Vinoth has been the brains behind helping the company find global fame in terms of reliability by pioneering the development of highly creative Image/Video sharing social networking mobile apps and other clone products which are infused with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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