Why Social Media Is Important To Our Life?

Social Media

Social media marketing has taken the world by storm. In the year 2017, it is almost noiseless to come across someone who is not an active user on at least one social media platform.

If I meet someone without an Instagram or Snapchat my instant impression is, ?Who are you and how do you put up with the world?? An online site by the name of Statista has valued the social media site, Instagram, to have a huge 700 million ACTIVE users in August of 2017 saying, ?Photo-sharing app Instagram has over 700 million monthly active profiles.?

Importance of Social Media

Social Media is too much important in our careers because we can relate with almost everyone in the world, it inspires creativity, and it can be utilized to earn a substantial income.

Social Media Marketing has become the most prominent form of ?keeping up? and communicating with our world because almost everyone has an account that they are actively using every day. I can attest to the fact that I use my IG and SNAP far more than I use texting to see how somebody is doing.

I most feel as if a ?like? is similar to sending an old friend some good vibes via a nice text. I feel like I can get the news about a place I need by reaching out to someone on social media or simply recognizing if they have made a post about it.

There are friends of mine that I haven?t seen in years that I still feel attached to because we are still in touch via social media. My great-grandma even has social media and often comments on things that are super embarrassing but I feel obligated to keep on my page because I could never harm my great Grammy?s senses.

Which Of These Best Describes What The Media Generally Facilitate For The Public?

Even though I don?t get to see her as frequently as I?d like, It has made it possible for me to still have a smile via meme or share federal views via Donald Trump’s meme with my Grammy! My social media networking stems beyond just people I know in life but also celebrities.

I can connect with celebrities that I admire because of Instagram or Snapchat and I truly do feel like that is the beauty of social media because Snapchat and Instagram Followers are more active. I get to have a tiny speck of insight into someone?s life that I would never get the chance to know about if it were not for the connections, I have made through my accounts.

Overall, it is a fast, convenient, and effective way to keep up with everyone from my mom to Ellen DeGeneres. Social media has created a blanket of connectivity throughout the entire world that cannot be matched. Just one social media site alone can connect people worldwide.

Not only is social media a fast effective way to communicate with each other but social media has lit a creative fire in its active users. I 100% believe that YouTube and Instagram have inspired creativity in the people that have never been seen before.

How To Work On Social Platform

There are millions of accounts on Instagram that include pages like health and fitness, beauty, cooking, drawing, DIY projects, and list the goes on. I have a recipe book strictly from meal ideas that I have found via Pinterest and Instagram that I would have never created otherwise.

I also have ordered a vlogging camera so that I could start recording my own videos for my new adventure with a channel on YouTube. I never knew I would enjoy things like creating a beauty/vlogging channel on YouTube prior to gaining exposure to it and even more specifically beauty gurus such as Jaclyn Hill and Laura Lee.

I admire the fact that so many people are brave enough to explore their interests and hobbies and then share them with the world via social media. This is such an encouraging and uplifting way to reach out to people that would love to try new things but are scared to.

Laura Lee is a very successful beauty guru on YouTube with over 3 million subscribers. She is exploring her creativity via makeup and is encouraging everyone else to do so! In her video titled, Honest Advice on Starting a YouTube Channel, she has many positive things to say about stepping outside of the box and exploring creativity without being afraid of criticism.

?Everybody and their mom do it. It?s in 2016.? Laura Lee?s video is packed full of great advice on not only starting a channel but also embarking on a new creative journey. I am so appreciative to be a Millennial that has the privilege of growing up with strong social media influence. I really do feel that I would not have as many creative ideas if it were not for social media.


He says, ?Brands reach out to social media influences to campaign their products. It is no longer super vital to me to do a brand deal because I don?t need the money so I turn down almost all of them but the ones I do take I am passionate about.?

?I will tell you without giving any further detail that I have been offered a brand deal that was in the six-figure digits.? I also personally know a woman named Megan Hannigan who sells cosmetic products for the company Unique that is a company that is strictly online based.

Megan is an elite Black Status Presenter for Unique and has used social media and networking via live videos on Facebook to establish a career for herself and now has a substantial monthly income plus a car bonus that has allowed her to purchase a Range Rover!

I think it is amazing that we live in a world that can provide so many benefits for people via social media. I am appreciative of social media because it keeps me connected, creative/inspired, and I could potentially make an income from it!

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Rosa Turner is a short story author, novelist or authentic writer at Buy Instagram Followers UK. She has work developing or forthcoming in over forty venues, including digital marketing, and social media activities. When she is not terrifying strangers with her writing, she is most likely frightening her husband and their two naughty cats.

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