6 Best Scholarship Programs Students Must Know About in 2020 -2021

    best scholarship programs

    Paying for college expenses can cost a lot, and for this reason many deserving students might hesitate to apply. For an international student the financial burden is even more. However, there are some educational institutes which make it easy by offering monetary aid. This results in a more affordable college education plan for international students in the US.

    The trouble with international applicants is that most are not eligible for the financial help offered by the federal government. Exceptions exist only in the case of green card holders or refugees. But a scholarship to study in the USA, makes up for the absence of any sfederal grants and loans.

    Schools within the US which offer a substantial level of aid rank among 50 of the top national universities. They are mostly research-oriented and offer master?s, doctoral and bachelor?s degrees. There are also the National Liberal Arts Colleges, which put an emphasis on undergraduate degrees. They usually offer partial or full scholarships to across a wide range of liberal art fields.

    The name on the top of the list of institutes that offer the most aid to international students is Columbia University (NY). It is tied at No.3 in the rankings of the Best Colleges in 2020. According to US news data, during the academic year 2018-19, Columbia gave an average aid of $68,718 to 254 international students. On the official Columbia University website, they claim to meet ?100% of all admitted first year student?s financial needs for 4 years, regardless of citizenship?.

    After mentioning the most prominent of scholarship providing schools in the US, we will now move on to some worldwide institutes.

    1.MIPLC Scholarship in Germany (2021-2022)

    Country: Scholarship for Germany

    Institute: MIPLC

    Offered by: DAAD Germany Scholarships

    Financial coverage: Full

    Degree Level: Ph.D  and Masters

    MIPLC is a scholarship for international students, in Munich, Germany. It is supported by the DAAD scholarship network 2021-22. Applications belonging to any nationality are welcome to apply. There masters and doctoral degree courses in development related fields.

    2. SheBegan International Scholarship for Women (2020-21)

    Country: Scholarship for USA

    Institutes: Recognized universities in Canada or America

    Offered by: She Began Foundation

    Financial coverage: Full

    Degree Level: Bachelors/Undergraduate, Ph.D  and Masters

    This scholarship will cover all your expenses for studying in the US. It is being offered by the International Scholarship for Women program. The scholarships cover undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees. Females from all country can apply except for Iran.

    3. Dali University CSC Scholarship (2020)

    Country: Scholarship for China

    Institute: Dali University

    Offered by: Chinese Scholarship Council

    Financial coverage: Full

    Degree Level: Bachelors and Masters

    If you want to pursue a Bachelors or Masters Degree in China then this is the scholarship for you. It is a great opportunity for candidates from around the world to obtain undergraduate, bachelors, graduate and masters degrees. Depending on the program of your choosing the scholarship lasts for 3 or 4 years. There is also a bundle of courses available for graduate and undergraduate levels. All programs have the language options of being in Middle English and Chinese.

    4. Minerva Scholarship Fund (2020)

    Country: Scholarship for Netherlands

    Institute: Leiden University

    Offered by: Minerva Scholarship Fund

    Financial coverage: Full

    Degree Level: Undergraduate and Masters

    This scholarship offered by the Minerva Scholarship Fund is an amazing chance for foreign students to continue higher studies. For this reason, selected students in this program will be awarded various benefits. The scholarship is open for subjects belonging to the scientific fields. This opportunity is arguably too good to miss out on.

    5. International Research Training Program (2020-21)

    Country: Scholarship for Australia

    Institute: University of Technology Sydney

    Offered by: Australian Government

    Financial coverage: Full

    Degree Level: Ph.D  and research training

    The IRPT or International Research Training Program is offered by the Australian Government itself. This scholarship program basically comes under the Department of Education and Training. Their aim is to develop and maintain global research contacts. The offer is also meant to attract high level postgraduate students from all over the world to indulge in beneficial research programs. The training program covers all necessities such as tuition fee, annual allowance, health insurance and several other areas. The scholarship lasts as long as 3 years.

    6. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship (2021)

    Country: Scholarship for Namibia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and South Pacific

    Offered by: The Association of Commonwealth Universities

    Financial coverage: Full

    Degree Level: Masters

    The sixth and final scholarship on our list is the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship. It offers students from all countries, especially from low or middle-income nations to study in the commonwealth. This unique and incredible exchange of cultures and collaboration will give the students an amazing learning experience. The scholarship program has a duration of 2 years.

    These were the 6 most prominent scholarship programs being offered around the globe for deserving students. However, we have some more institutes to honorably mention here which also offer scholarships opportunities.

    1. Columbia University
    2. Skidmore College
    3. Duke University
    4. Amherst College
    5. Williams College
    6. Pomona College
    7. Trinity College
    8. Dartmouth College
    9. Wellesley College
    10. Stanford University

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