Best Small Towns to Live in Rural Virginia

    best small towns of rural virginia

    The State of Virginia is a truly unique and remarkable place. It doesn?t get nearly enough credit for its beauty. Sure, there are some great cities within the Mother of States, such as Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk. However, it is most admired for the rural parts of the state. Many breathtaking small towns in rural Virginia are some of the places that you just must visit before you decide where to put down your roots. Since there are quite a few that fit the bill, here is our choice of the best small towns rural Virginia has to offer.

    Best small towns of rural Virginia

    Virginia is a great place to invest in real estate. Yet that isn?t the only great fact about this great state. It is also full of interesting tourist spots and breath-taking scenery. Since VA has a lot to offer, you can start by getting to know some of the best small towns in the state. These beautiful locales will truly leave a lasting impression on your memory and perhaps even make you move there.

    Rocky Mount

    If you are a big admirer of history, you must come and see what Rocky Mountain has to offer. This charming town is best to be explored on foot. So, put on your best walking shoes and get ready for a real historic adventure. Travelers have been coming to this town since the 1760s. No wonder it just had to be ranked as one of the best small towns in VA! You must visit the Booker T. Washington National Monument. Also, don?t forget to stroll through the beautiful historic district. Top off your trip with the visit to the music center and other art establishments.


    For those that are yearning for outdoor activity and adventure, Luray will be perfect. If you move here, you?ll be able to visit Luray Caverns as often as you want. These underground caves are not something that you can see and experience every day otherwise. While you are at it, continue your adventure and visit the Shenandoah National Park. It is but a stone?s throw away from downtown Luray.

    This unique town was named after a town in France. So, just like the French do it, Virginians in this town like to live it up. The town is very alive, and people are extremely friendly ? especially to newcomers and tourists. There is no lack of Southern charm and hospitality in this town. This heady mix makes it one of the best small towns to live in rural Virginia.


    Orange is a small town in population since it is the home to only five thousand Virginians. However, it has a big soul. It was first populated in the 1700s, which makes it one of the oldest towns in the state. Naturally, it has a lot of history to offer. People mostly know it for its proximity to the home of James Madison ? Montpelier.

    If you decide to move to the town on Orange, you?ll be able to enjoy its rich history while also instituting some traditions of your own. One of those could be making the time and visiting the Orange Train Station on Saturdays. You will have the opportunity to shop at the local farmers market. The crops are fresh, and the sellers are welcoming.


    This small town is a great spot for dining and shopping. It has been renovated, so it is a great combination of the old Virginian charm and trendy modern style. Shoppers can get their mental health in check by doing a little retail therapy and loading up on their favorite purchases. Still, there is much more to this beautiful town. Before you hit the stores and southern-style restaurants, make sure you visit the Museum of Culpeper History. This place exudes history. It will be a sight to remember.

    For those that like to relax in the company of a glass of wine or moonshine, this will be an ideal new home. Culpeper is the home of many great wineries. You will have a chance to taste local wines while enjoying traditional taste southern style cooking. Also, we cannot neglect to mention the massive legal moonshine distillery that is also located in Culpeper.

    Finally, whenever you are up for it, you can take a short drive out of town and visit Civil War battlefields at Cedar Mountain. Of course, don?t drink and dive.

    Moving to one of the best small towns in Virginia

    Visiting rural Virginia will give you a whole different perspective on small-town living. There is a stigma that follows moving and living in small rural places. Many tend to label them as boring and unworthy of a move. Well, these towns are here to prove you wrong. Welcome to a perfect combo of small-town living and history with a subtle urban twist. So, when you decide to move to VA, just make sure you hire reliable movers. They will relieve you from not only your moving duties but also the stress that follows a relocation. If you are looking to hire movers, visit

    Lack of space in your new VA home

    One of the advantages of living in rural Virginia is that there is a lot of space. Most homes have yards and lots of extra space. However, from time to time, it is possible that you will feel overpowered by your things. It is very easy to accumulate things over time. When that happens, all you need to do is get a storage container by your doorstep. This is a simple, reliable, and inexpensive storage solution.

    Virginia has a lot to offer

    Visiting the best towns to live in rural Virginia will give you a different perspective on what this unique state has to offer. If you decide to move here and look further into it, your horizons will open even more. Educational institutions are supreme, the beaches are beautiful, wineries produce delicious local wins, southern cuisine can be found on every corner and the people are polite and welcoming. So, when looking for a place to settle down in, make sure you have Virginian towns on your mind. That would be a choice that you wouldn?t regret.

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