How to find decent interstate movers in Florida

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    Is your interstate relocation approaching? If it is, you are probably scared to death. Even though you are starting a new chapter of your life, and you have every reason to be excited and on cloud nine, just thinking about that relocation makes you panic-stricken, right? Well, you are not the only one. Instead of using your time to prepare for your new life and say goodbye to everybody you love, you have to worry about moving-disasters?and other moving-related things.

    However, there is a way to save yourself a lot of time, energy, and money when moving! How? By hiring a reputable interstate moving agency for your upcoming relocation. If you are not sure how to do that, you are in the right place. We will share with you some useful tips and tricks that will help you find decent interstate movers in Florida, or anywhere else for that matter. So, if this is something that may interest you, keep on reading.

    Get Recommendations from People You Trust

    First things first, finding decent interstate movers is something you should start doing as soon as you decide it’s time for a house-moving somewhere far away. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it will give you a lot of time to double-check everything and hire the most reliable and most affordable movers in Florida. Secondly, it will save you some money as the earlier you book the movers, the more discounts they will give you.

    Following this manner, we recommend starting the search six months in advance. The best possible way to do this is by asking the people you trust to recommend a company or two. Talk to your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Ask about their moving experiences and whether they can recommend a particular moving company or not.

    Conduct a Through Internet Search

    However, if none of the people you trust moved recently, don’t worry; there are other ways you can find decent interstate movers. One is, of course, searching the Internet. Be careful, though! Do not just pick up the phone and call the first moving company that appears on your screen. You have to dig deep if you want to find movers that are both reliable and affordable.

    Thus, start by ‘googling’ different movers. Check their websites first! All decent movers like must have a website. If they don’t, well, that is a red flag, and you should avoid them. Then, when you find several moving companies, be sure to check their social media accounts as there you can read the comment section and see what other people are saying about them.

    Watch Out for Red Flags!

    Moving scams are common, unfortunately. Many things can happen – a fraudulent moving company may hold your items hostage; they may steal them, lose them, etc. They may also tell you one price at the beginning and then send you a gigantic bill after everything is done. Thus, when looking for movers, think about the warning signals.

    For example, just as previously mentioned, one of the biggest red flags is when the moving company does not have a website. That means that they are hiding something. A red flag is also when a company asks for the money upfront or demands a substantial deposit upfront.

    Think about these red flags at all times. If your movers seem unprofessional, or if anything seems suspicious, you’d better leave. Moreover, do not book movers who offer the lowest price either, because when something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    Ask for an In-home Estimate

    Today, many moving companies offer online or over-the-phone estimates. However, those are never precise, nor will they help you decide whether they are reliable and affordable. Thus, if you need help getting from one coast to another, for example, if you are relocating from California to Florida, only look for companies that offer in-home estimates.

    When a representative of a specific moving company comes to your home, he or she will not only give you the precise cost of your move but also tell you all the details that you must know. Use this time to ask any questions about the move you may have as well.

    Request for in-home estimates from several different companies before you make your final decision. When they give you an estimate, put everything on the paper. Then, compare their bids. Compare the costs, the additional services, and the time they need to finish, etc. That is the best way to find decent movers!

    Do a Final Background Check

    Better safe than sorry! Thus, even if you think you have found the most reliable moving agency out there, we strongly recommend doing one final background check. If you end up booking a fraudulent moving company just because you were too lazy to do some research, packing mistakes will be the least of your worries.

    In order for you to do a proper background check, besides interviewing the movers and checking their sites and accounts, you must also make sure they are licensed and insured. You can do that by verifying the moving company?s license through the FMCSA?s site and request the company?s U.S. DOT number. Then, check with the Better Business Bureau. If a company is listed there, you will have no reason to worry whether they are legitimate or not.

    By doing these things, you will avoid losing your items and your money. Moreover, you will avoid all those headaches you will have until the move is complete. Thus, do yourself a favor and double-check everything before you sign any papers. That is the best way to have a stress-free interstate relocation.

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