Moving disasters and how to prevent them?

    moving disasters

    You have decided to move and there are a lot of things to do. For you to have a stress-free move, there are many things to consider and arrange. You should consider what could go wrong throughout your entire move. Make a list of possible moving disasters and how to prevent them so you can avoid any difficulties. 

    Moving disaster ? not doing things on time

    Hiring a moving company at the last minute is a common mistake, and if you rush your decision you will probably face some difficulties. There is an entire selection process that makes choosing a moving company easier that you should go through. This process includes doing market research, finding the right moving company, getting quotes for your move, and arranging special services if needed. If you leave all of this for the last minute, you will probably overpay for the services that you are looking for. When you do things in a hurry, it’s easy to forget something like finding a parking place for the moving truck. Or you can make a mistake whilst creating an estimate of the number of belongings you have to move. Problems such as these can be avoided by planning your move in time. Take at least a month to think about your move and to arrange everything. First, you need to calculate your moving expenses in advance. The right moving company for you should make sure that all of your belongings are moved and handled with the right moving equipment. This company should also provide all of the services you require, including coverage for your belongings.

    Moving disaster ? hiring unreliable moving company

    Choosing movers can be difficult, and you need to make sure that you don’t hire a fraudulent moving company. These companies will often give a low initial estimate and ask for more money after the deal is made. You could end up with some of your items missing or broken and in some cases, the movers don’t even show up on the agreed date. To avoid this kind of moving disaster, you should do your research well. Look for a moving company that has good reviews. When you create a shortlist of three companies, you should check whether they have all the necessary licenses. This can be done at The Federal Motor Carrier safety administration, Better Business Bureau and American Association of Moving and Storage. Gathering all the information about a moving company is the easy way to hire the right mover for the job.

    Moving disaster ? packing and labeling done wrong

    Packing properly is a crucial step in the moving process. Each of your belongings should be packed with an appropriate label that is clear and concise. You should put heavier items in smaller boxes which makes their transport easier; malleable items should be put in sturdy boxes. Be sure that you have the right quality boxes that will not cave in. Make sure that you have protective material, tape, and labels. For protective materials, you can use newspapers, bubble wrapping material, clothes, sheets, and other soft materials. Wrap your belongings in protective materials and then put them in appropriate boxes. Make sure that the boxes are not overfilled, but at the same time – don’t leave too much empty space inside. Seal the box with tape. Place important documents and records inside file folders. Neatly pack electronics and cords in plastic bags. For more packing hacks look here.

    Next comes the labeling. It’s better to arrive at your new home and find what you need in mere minutes than to not be able to find the right box. You should label boxes by their content and the room they belong in.

    Moving disaster ? moving heavy things yourself

    If you are planning to move some of your large and heavy furniture with you, keep in mind that this can be problematic. You could find yourself in a situation where your large items cannot fit through the door or elevator. Trying to lift your heavy items by yourself could lead to you injuring yourself or damaging either the items or your walls. Moving large, bulky items often requires special equipment. Hiring the right moving company which has all the necessary moving equipment for lifting and carrying heavy and large items is probably the best thing to do. When movers move heavier items, they will make sure that everything is protected so the items and your home don’t get damaged. They will have a solution for items that can not fit through the door. If you need more reasons to hire professional movers, check here. To avoid this kind of moving disaster, you should measure your door and bigger items and compare the dimensions. If you have some items that cannot fit, you can try removing the door hinges or finding some other way to get the items out.

    Moving disaster ? movers refuse to transport your things

    There is a chance that a moving company will refuse to carry some of your items. To avoid this, you should check their policy regarding items that they do not transport. The list of forbidden items usually includes hazardous chemicals, gasoline, perishable foods, loaded guns, fertilizers, paint, propane tanks and similar. If you have an item from their list of things they refuse to transport, you should find another way to transport those items or you should responsibly dispose of them. Besides asking about the forbidden list, there is a list of questions you should ask a moving company that you intend to hire. 

    Moving disaster ? having inadequate insurance

    To avoid worrying about some of your items getting damaged during the move, you should find out what your moving company’s insurance policy is. You can choose to avoid buying an insurance policy or opt for the cheapest coverage plan; but if something of value gets broken – consider it gone. It is important to cover the pieces that are worth a significant amount of money or have a high sentimental value for you. Most moving companies offer Valuation Protection, but it is not the same as insurance. With Valuation Protection, the moving company pays a certain amount per pound for the item that is damaged or lost and doesn’t take into account the actual real value of your belongings.?

    By avoiding the things that can cause you stress, your move can pass smoothly. So, you should familiarize yourself with various potential moving disasters and how to prevent them and give yourself a real chance to have a stress-free moving experience.

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