Genius ways to Prolong the Life of Your Refrigerator

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A refrigerator is a vital appliance of every household that no one can?t live without. This is technically a lifesaver for everyone out there. An average refrigerator lasts up to 13 years, and when you buy a refrigerator, you make sure that you buy one of theĀ best brands of refrigerators in India. Buying a refrigerator is quite expensive, and hence you make sure to maintain your refrigerator so that it can work for a longer period of time. Even if your refrigerator gets damaged, you attempt to repair them instead of buying a new one. Here are some ways by which you could prolong the life of your refrigerator:

When you buy your refrigerator

  • Make sure you buy the best refrigerators available in the market.
  • Companies like Haier, Daikin, LG that sell one of the?best air conditioners in India?are also well sought. Their refrigerators are quite well known too.

Keep your refrigerator clean

  • Ensure that the interior of the refrigerator is clean. Make it a practice to clean them at least once a week.
  • Do clean them with soap water once a month compulsorily
  • Make sure you clean the door of the refrigerator too. They have a tendency to be greasy. As a result, the fridge does not close properly.
  • Make sure to clean the behind of your refrigerator. The refrigerator has a coil that is responsible for the cooling effect. If they are not cleaned regularly, the coil would result in insufficient cooling. This is similar in the case of the air conditioners too. Even theĀ best air conditioners in IndiaĀ need to be cleaned regularly as their coil turns dirty. Do make sure to clean them by asking your repairer

Do not empty or overfill

  • Make sure not to keep your fridge empty when the power is running.
  • An empty refrigerator has to work double to make it cooler.
  • Do not overfill too as in order to cool, and there must be space for air circulation.

Do give a lending hand to your refrigerator

  • Refrigerators are basically one?s lifesaver. You could store food for a long period of time. We should also support our refrigerator in such a way that not much energy is consumed.
  • Make sure not to keep extremely hot food directly inside the fridge. This way, the fridge has to work 3 times more than usual.

The top of a refrigerator is not your storage closet

  • People have a tendency to keep things on the top of the refrigerator, like the box of cereals or the fruit basket or something else.Ā 
  • Though this is a common sight, never ever do them. This, in fact, harms your refrigerator as it cannot get rid of the hot air. This affects the overall cooling of the refrigerator.

Do cover your food while keeping them in the refrigerator

  • This is because the smell of uncovered food has a chance of mixing up, resulting in bad odor.
  • If there is a bad odor, keep a bowl of vinegar and lime in the fridge for a day. They absorb almost all the bad odor.

When in need call your repairer

  • Make sure to call your repairer if you see any signs of damage.
  • Never ever delay as it can help you save quite a lot of money.


Refrigerators are those electric appliances that work the most. It starts working the day you bring them home until it gets damaged. A refrigerator never has a break and keeps working continuously. Hence it is important to buy a reliable refrigerator. Even if you have one of the best refrigerators in India, make sure to take care of them so that it stays with you for a very long time.


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