Four Types Of Views To Use In A Patent Illustration

Patent applicants must include drawings to facilitate the understanding of the subject matter in the application. As per the patent laws, they must furnish at least one drawing, if it is possible, to illustrate the invention via such drawings to assist the understanding of the invention. A patent application may […]

Everything You Need to Know About a Patent Docketing Firm

Patent docketing firms are important for companies who want to protect their ideas from being stolen. Patents offer protection against competitors making and selling a product that is similar or identical to the patented invention. However, they do not stop other businesses from inventing something new as long as it […]

Incorporating Social Distancing Into Office Interior Design

The coronavirus pandemic has brought various changes in daily living and the work environment. Today, activities that were considered normal such as an open plan layout now make anyone anxious. There�s an increase in consciousness regarding the promotion of wellness and work-life balance for employees. During these difficult times, there […]

Guidelines For Modern Furniture For Home

The important that rings a bell when you consider Modern Furniture is robustness. The resulting thing is style quality furniture. Getting furniture that merges greatness and strength at a moderate expense is the most sublime game plan you can get. There are a couple of parts to contemplate so you […]

6 Steps For Performing Patent Landscape Analysis

Prior art references help a patent applicant to determine if the subject matter in the patent application is novel and/or non-obvious. Prior art search allows them to assess the invention�s novelty, technical features, and legal aspects of its patentability. Prior art searches can take four forms: novelty, validity, clearance, and […]

3 Things To Know Provisional Patent Drawings

Provisional applications are a useful tool that allows a patent applicant to secure a filing date if their invention is still in the pipeline. It involves lesser technical specifications in comparison to a complete patent application. It is not legally binding but enables the applicant to move toward a utility […]

Patent Information Searching: A Definitive Guide

It’s important to do your research when it comes to patent information. This is because you don’t want any surprises or delays in the process of making a new invention. The application and design processes can be lengthy, so if you’re not prepared with all necessary documentation and drawings, then […]

7 Wonderful Reasons To Still Use Printed Brochures In 2021

2021 has been a remarkable year for the wrong reasons, especially for business owners. Many businesses have been forced to close. Those that are surviving are facing intense competition in the market. There is a surge in people spending time online encouraging many business owners to switch to digital marketing. […]