Important Factors to Consider Before Opting For Mercedes Service

Mercedes Service Cost

Mercedes is a dream car for most people, and everyone wants to have it in their flocks of cars. As we know, this is one of the premium and costly cars available to also understand the associated Cost of servicing this car. Mercedes service is equally expensive, and definitely one needs to consider the running Cost associated with it.?

There are varieties of models in Mercedes, which includes Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes C-Class or AMG models. Definitely, price and Mercedes service cost all vary accordingly. So, before buying any class of Mercedes, one needs to be aware of the high Cost of Mercedes Service.

Mercedes Service Cost

Mercedes Service Cost definitely varies as per the type of servicing one is opting for. One must be aware that the Cost for the smallest of services is also very high. Vehicles need to have roadworthy conditions, so it is important to get your car serviced after covering around 7000- 10000 miles. Normally two types of services are offered for the brand like Mercedes, and the same is carried out only by the dealer who is authorized for the same. Types of Mercedes service are as below:

A Service: The very first service after you had owned this car is termed A Service. Usually, this service is availed before the first anniversary of your car or if your car had already taken a trip of around 10000 miles. The flexible Service system of Mercedes Car helps determine when exactly you need to go for the Mercedes Service. The A Service can be called an interim service as it involves a smaller service only. Usually, all authorized service centres carry out pre-determined 5 checks unless any specific issue is reported by the driver. The 5 common checks done are as below:

  1. Replacement of synthetic motor oil
  2. Replacing Oil Filter
  3.  Checking inflation of tyres and correction in case required
  4. Inspection of brakes
  5. Resetting maintenance counter

Now the question is, what is the Cost involved? The minimum Cost can be somewhat around ?200 and increases with the change in model types.

B Service: B Service is an extensive Mercedes Service. It is always advised that those vehicles that cover longer distance must go for it or cover up to 30000 miles every year needs to get it services under B Service. One needs to understand that B Service involves more comprehensive services, so it involves huge expenses. Every two years, this B Service is required for all Mercedes Brands. Apart from all services offered under A Service, many other service checks are done under B Service. They are as below:

  1. Function checking of Warning & indicator lights 
  2. Checking Windscreen wipers and fluids 
  3. Replacement of dust & combination filter
  4. Condition of all brakes & brake discs
  5. Checking tyres threading depth and inflation pressure
  6. Vehicle underside damage includes leakage, rubber boots & Chafe marks
  7. Checking steering and associated components
  8. Leakage in engine compartments
  9. Checking fluid levels and refilling if required
  10. The cooling system of the engine
  11. Checking power steering system
  12. Checking battery condition and fluid levels

Thus one can see that multiple checks and replacements are carried out under B Service. There are many other technical checks apart from the above, which is done, and the Cost of servicing starts from ?270, which keeps on increasing with the high-grade models.

Final Words 

Mercedes service can be done anywhere; however, looking into the premium vehicle category, it is preferable to get it serviced at authorized service centres. It helps in having an original component replacement, and one feels more secure and comfortable about their asset quality.