How to make the most use of your android device

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Free and open-source software Android has been the best-selling OS worldwide. You are probably reading this article on an Android smartphone. If you want to enhance the reality around you, use these AR apps and read about the best augmented reality apps for your Android smartphone or tablet. Users love its abundantly exciting features and customization options, but there is a lot you need to know to unveil Android’s full potential. We are so much into the future that we even have augmented reality apps, so this is the time to make the most out of your Android device. So, here are a few ways of doing the same.

Force GPU Rendering

The smoothness of your interface can be increased by switching on this option.

Go to Settings, choose the About Phone into About phone, scroll down to Build number, and tap on it seven times until Additional Settings options appear. We can access Developers options into Developers options on Force GPU Rendering. This option forces the GPU on your phone to render user interface elements instead of CPU, which means the CPU is now free to do other stuff. This leads to the user interface feeling a lot smoother. But this option comes up with a big trade-off with the battery life. In many phones, the GPU takes more battery than the CPU. Thus, having a turn-on GPU rendering can affect your battery life up to 15%. You can do this setting if the user interface of your phone is super lagging.

Animation Speed

Turn on system animation speed.

Go to Settings into Additional Settings, choose Developers options, and then scroll down to Window Animation Scale, turn it off or set it to 0.5x. Do the same settings for Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale. This has a minimal effect on battery life.


Automate is a powerful app that can help us conserve battery by turning features on and off depending upon your location. It is easy to use, and you can customize the flow yourself.

Gesture navigation

If you love gesture navigation but your phone doesn’t have it, the Gesture Navigation app can help you. This app is cool with tons of customization so that the gestures are like we want them to be.

Circle Sidebar

As the screen size is increasing continuously, single-handed use has become progressively more difficult. The circle sidebar solves this problem by giving us all our app shortcuts and quick settings at our fingertips. The best thing here is to set it completely invisible, not take up any real screen state.

Changing Defaults

We can change every default setting of our phone according to our requirements. You can also tweak your default settings to enhance your experience. To change the defaults, go to the Settings App section and set the desired defaults.

Display tweaks

Often displays consume a lot of battery. An easy way to get better battery life is turning off Auto-brightness and manually adjusting brightness levels to below 50%. To extend battery life, we should also turn down our phone’s resolution and turn on the refresh rates.

Dark mode

Switching on dark mode can increase battery life a little on your device with an AMOLED panel since the screen’s black areas are turned off completely. For the same reason, all OLED panels can also benefit from having a dark-themed wallpaper. Further, turning off the ‘Always-on display’ functionality at certain times when you are not going to use it would help get a little extra out of your device with regards to battery.

Live transcribe

As an Accessibility setting, the primary use of Live transcribe is to help people with hearing disabilities. Still, it can be useful in various situations like recording meetings and team discussions.

Google Autofill Service

This is not an Android-only feature, but this is precisely what makes it amazing. Google Autofill remembers much more than just passwords. It remembers names, email addresses, and it can even autofill most forms. As with most consumer focus Google Services, it is free. Turning it on frees the user from remembering passwords.

Update the Android OS

To access the newest features and keep your device updated with new security features, you need to update your device with the latest version of the Android operating system.

12. Keep track of a lost Android device.

If you cannot find your smartphone or probably have lost it, there is no need to worry. Android provides the features of tracking your lost phone. Just go to and log on with the Google account registered with your phone; if GPS is turned on, you can see your device location pinned on a map.

IFTTT commands?

The small “if this then that” commands abbreviated as IFTTT commands are known as applets. Using these applets, you can teach your Android to carry out small tasks such as mute your phone at work, save notifications in Google spreadsheets, etc. If you want to learn more about the different augmented reality apps, have a look at this website. You can browse several useful applets and can even program your applets.


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