Interesting Facts About Calico Cats

About Calico Cats

If you are thinking about adopting a calico feline, or you already have one, I?m sure you want to know everything about these adorable three-color cats. Have you ever wondered if all calico cats are female or if calico is a breed or not? There are probably so many other questions you are not certain of? Don?t worry, we have the answers and more interesting facts for you that we would like to share just below.

The calico cat is not a breed of cats, it?s the specific colored fur

If you thought that Calico is a breed, sorry but you are wrong. It?s the coat colors and pattern. The three main colors must be there to be considered as Calico cat: white, orange, and black. Almost all breeds have calico coats, such as Maine Coon, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Persian cat, Siberian, Sphynx cat, and many many others. There are only a few cat breeds that do not want the colors of Calicos to be seen, like Siamese and Russian Blue.

Origin and other names of calico cats

It is believed that these beauties are originally from Egypt and spread around the globe by the merchants who carried them on the ships. Today, you can find them everywhere, but maybe named differently. Moreover, The name ?Calico? is most commonly used in North America. In Japan, these felines are known as ?Tobi mi-ke? which means triple fur. In Dutch they are called ?lapjeskat? – patches cat.

Types of calico cats

There are three main types of calico cats:

Standard Calico – cat?s coat is white with black and orange spots

Calibby Calico – it?s a mixture of calico and tabby cat, a calico cat with tabby stripes

Dilute Calico – it has a white coat, but the spots and patches are lighter diluted colors of grey and light orange

Are calico cats female only? Not all, but mostly yes!

One of the most interesting facts about calico cats is that they are almost all female. The male calicos do exist, but they are so rare and most of the males are sterile. Also, males are born with health issues most often too. Why? It?s simply because of genetics and chromosomes. So if you ever asked yourself are all calico cats female – the short answer would be ?no?.

Known to bring luck to your home

In many cultures, it is believed that they are ?the lucky cats?! For example, Japanese people always used to bring calicos with them on their travels so they would bring them luck and protection. On the other hand, the Chinese believe that they bring different kinds of fortune to their homes. Calico cats are also very popular in Irish folklore to cure warts. In the US, they are known as money cats. All in all, they would certainly bring some good energy to your home.

Calico cats have a unique personality

Even though they do not belong to any particular breed, they have a sassy personality and sometimes are known to be trouble and selfish felines. They are quite independent, but like any other cat, they love to have attention and being kissed and hugged as well.

So, now you know the interesting facts about these beautiful multi-color cats, you are aware that not all calico cats are female, but chances to meet male ones are very low. You also know that they are not a type of breed but still have different types of calico cats. Finally, even though they can be a bit sassy sometimes, they have lovable personalities, especially with the fact that they would bring you luck and uniqueness to your place. So, if you are thinking of getting one, do not hesitate, adopt one even today!

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