The Growth Of Health And Wellness Industry In The Last Decade

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Over the last decade, the wellness industry has witnessed massive growth. In India, the wellness industry values at INR 49,000 Crore. The growing awareness among the people is one of the reasons for the growth of this sector. People are constantly finding ways to improve what they eat, their workout routine, and their overall lifestyle. Amidst this care and awareness, the wellness industry escalated. And, companies like Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd. who have been extending quality wellness products to the consumers of India.

Self Care

These days Instagram posts are brimmed with bubble baths, face masks, yoga, cooking, etc., with a hashtag #selfcare, and asclepius wellness pvt ltd has also promoted this concept. However, the idea of taking care of yourself is not about using luxury products. Instead, it is about feeding your skin, mind, and stomach healthy and positive things. Self-care should promote self-growth instead of insecurities.

Organic Approach

One of the ideas that promoted the health and wellness industry is utilizing more plant-based products. People have become more aware of the harm that we end up causing animals to get our food and other products. And this has probably contributed to many health and environmental concerns.

asclepius wellness pvt ltd

With this awareness, there has been an increase in plant-based products. Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd. is one such wellness brand that uses natural ingredients to produce a wide range of products. Whether it is food items or skincare products, the plant-based approach is here to stay.

Wellness Meets Social Media

There has been a significant increase in wellness and fitness bloggers on social media platforms. And millions of people are following them to change their lifestyle for the better. While there have been some adverse side-effects of wellness social media trends, it has been informative for significant parts.

These bloggers choose their platforms to educate people about healthy living. One of the well-known brands in India, italso has a Twitter and Facebook page. The brand uses the social media presence to expand the knowledge base and help live better.

Clean Living

A few years back, clean was simply a niche, but it has become a standard label in the food industry today. Consumers have become aware of the ingredients that are being used in food products. Therefore, they demand a simple ingredient list that has limited artificial ingredients.

This awareness has forced companies to use natural colours, sweeteners, and thickeners. Additionally, FDA has also revamped the nutritional facts label requirements. There is an increased need for healthier ingredients and more transparency.

The Bottom Line

The rise in consumer awareness has increased the responsibilities of companies. And this has directly impacted the growth of the health and wellness industry. People are looking for better and healthier options in terms of food, skincare, and wellness products.

They have begun to check the ingredients used in the products and prefer the company that uses natural products. For instance, Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd. is a wellness brand that uses plant-based ingredients to create products. The growth of this industry is likely to soar higher in the coming years, with companies coming with newer ranges of products.


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