A New Sanitization Focus Because of COVID-19

Ensuring your business is a clean and safe environment from bacteria has become a challenge because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The result has been a focus and surge in sanitization and disinfectant products to keep surfaces clean and people safe while slowing the spread of the virus. In addition to […]

8 reasons not to get a tattoo

Every day, we inevitably meet someone who explains to us why tattooing, “it’s not really his thing”…  Indeed, as soon as we have one or more tattoos a little visible, it always happens in a conversation that we are asked to explain the meaning of these. At the end of which, […]

Blazy Susan cones:

Blazy Susan Cones  are one of most selling brands in the world due to a reason. Such cones are very comfortable, easy to use, and incredibly enjoyable. For someone who can’t or really doesn’t feel like rolling their own joints, Blazy Cones are perfect. Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cones, Blazy Susan […]