Be the new Gangnam style to break YouTube?s Subscribe Counter


    Did you know that Gangnam Style was the most viewed video in 2012 that it actually broke YouTube?s view counter getting more than 2 trillion views?

    Now you can imagine what this post is about right? Yeah, you guessed it, I am going to talk about how to increase your YouTube subscribers in 2020. 

    Don?t worry, I won?t bore you out with, ‘Quality comes first’, ‘ work on your keywords’, ‘get the nicest camera/equipment’ or ‘invest in YouTube advertisement’ advice. So relax and get ready for a logical ride. Instead of focusing on WHAT to do, for a change, let?s focus on HOW to do it:

    Easter Eggs in YouTube description:

    Always add a detailed YouTube channel description. Tell your viewers what the channel is about, who should watch this, topics that might interest them and a CTA( call for action), basically ask them to subscribe. 

    The catch here is, you can hide the most searched keywords in your channel description

    If possible try adding transcripts to all your videos. Yes, you guessed it right again, keywords in transcripts help in SEO of YouTube as well. 

    Best Employee Award for your best video:

    Analyze your Videos and check which video has brought in the highest number of subscribers to your channel. Of course, that video deserves to be treated as the employee of the year, right? Feature this in the end screen of all your other videos. 

    Make it the topmost video in all your playlists and promote this video through YouTube Display ads, skip able and non-skippable ads and bumper ads. Why do this? Well, these videos are more likely to bring you more Subscribers than all your other videos combined ( the truth is hard to take in but yes).

    Buy Subscribers for youtube:

    After creating so many videos, you will not get good subscribers. So, don’t worry about it, just buy subscribers for youtube, it is very useful for your channel. These subscribers are like long term investment which make your videos a trending option in youtube. 

    Natives are welcomed:

    Remember going to a foreign place and getting judged by shopkeepers because you don?t know the native language they speak? Well, it?s the same with promoting YouTube videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social media platform.

    It?s because they don?t want their viewers to go to YouTube. So instead of uploading a YouTube video on Facebook, you can take a small clip from your YouTube video, which you think has the potential to draw viewers. Upload it as a native video on Facebook or LinkedIn and you can always add the link of the YouTube video in the first comment. This would enable anyone who is interested to know more to visit your YouTube channel and they are more likely to subscribe.

    Never do it for free:

    Yes, conduct a contest for some valuable additional content or a free ticket to a movie/restaurant or a free eBook or any incentive which would be made available to the viewer only when they subscribe to your YouTube channel, like your posts, or comment on it. 

    Playlists are always a favourite:

    Let it be songs or YouTube, playlists are always favoured. Why? Simple, the videos are short, are well connected to one another and make it easier for the user as the next video plays automatically. 

    A pro tip: Make the title of the videos in the playlist more result-oriented. Instead of giving a heading like: ‘how to get more views’ name it ‘how to make your website rank first’, getting more views is a process, whereas, ranking first is a result. 

    Awesome trailers:

    Grip and suck in your viewers like a black hole, in the first 30 seconds. Keep it short, make it funny, emotional or leave them with a cliff-hanger. You get new subscribers effortlessly if you do it right.

    The most desired gift:

    c? Quality content? Incentives? No, it?s your focused ATTENTION. Yes, similar to how we YouTubers crave the attention of our audience, so do we. They crave attention from us.

    Reply to their comments and queries. Always! Always ‘heart’ the comment that impressed you. A little attention is all we crave for. A study shows that a viewer who gets a reply from a channel is more likely to click on its next notification and the next one and sooner than you know, he/she is your subscriber. If they feel appreciated, they?ll always do more than what you expect.

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