How yoga poses can keep healthy during a pandemic

    yoga poses

    The corona virus pandemic has brought humongous changes in our lives. First, the prolonged lockdown forced the people to shut down in their homes for their safety with almost nothing to do this made lots of people stressed and anxious.  Now the lockdown has lifted still the number of people affected with corona virus are increasing day by day. As the world is battling with the corona virus the lockdown has started seeming an inevitable event and people are getting anxious. When our mind is continuously flooded with the negativities, fear and uncertainty of getting in contact with the virus makes many of us stressed. 

    Hence it is important to maintain calmness for our physical and mental wellbeing and yoga has become a best practice to improve the physical as well as mental wellbeing. This ancient practice is known to be beneficial since ages not just keeping the stress and anxiety at a bay but also for various health benefits.

    So, why yoga??

    Yoga poses focus on stretching that not only helps in releasing the tension from the deep muscles and the tissues around the joints which in turns activates the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps in managing the blood circulation and reduces stress and anxiety. Yoga along pranayama and meditation is considered as all-round practice as it takes care of our mind, body and soul. Now with this ongoing new normal of social distancing and lockdown people are restoring back to the yoga. Many yoga schools in Rishikesh are offering yoga ttc in Rishikesh and also offering online yoga courses to people, so even if you are a newbie you can add this amazing practice to your routine and reap benefits from it. 

    How yoga poses can keep you healthy during a pandemic

    Most of the people have the notion that yoga is only for lean and flexible people. However it is not true; anyone can practice it. Even though you are a complete beginner still you can practice it.  If you are here thinking that how yoga poses can keep you healthy amid pandemic. Here are some of the best reasons to practice it.

    It is one of the best workouts

    Yoga is one of the best Workout for your body and mind. Surya namaskar or sun salutation is one of the best cardiovascular exercises when it is done in medium pace and helps you lose weight. Regular practice of yoga not only helps you in weight loss but also helps in improving your flexibility.  Yoga poses works on your every muscles and tissue of your body hence making it the best workout for your body and the best thing is that one can do it in their own pace and their own comfort, no need to rush.

    It improves your immunity

    Amid this ongoing covid-19 pandemic immunity has become one of the major concerns for the people and yoga is the best form of exercises that can increase your immunity. Yoga poses such as downward dog, fish pose, bridge pose and leg up the wall are some the best yoga pose to increase immunity. They stimulate the Thymus gland which regulates white blood cell in the body hence improved immunity.

    It improves sleep

    Many people nowadays have insomnia, and if you are one of them, then yoga can be a game-changer for you. Regular practice of yoga not only helps in relaxing the mind but also prepare the body for rest. Also, it improves the quality of the sleep hence you will feel refreshed.  Practicing Yoga poses such as a leg up the wall; seated spinal twist and savasana help you to get better sleep at night.

    It relieves you from stress

    When it comes to managing stress and anxiety nothing can beat yoga and along with it helps in developing immense mental strength. Most yoga practices involve deep breathing that helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Yoga poses such as child pose, forward bend along pranayama and meditation helps in keeping stress and anxiety at a bay.

    Improves flexibility

    Yoga poses involve a lot of stretching that helps in the lengthening of the muscles that improves its flexibility. The idea of yoga is to move your body along with its strength and durability. Also by improving your flexibility it also improves the ability to function more efficiently.

    It improves your posture

    Prolong sitting in front of your laptop can adversely affect your posture. Most of the desk job involves hunching over the screen of your computer that not only stiff your back but can also leave you slouching. Yoga poses such as tree pose, mountain pose improve your posture a lot.

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