If you are having poor range net access or is your internet network is not running properly in certain parts of your home and office? The best approach is to use a Wi-Fi extender setup that improves your internet speed and enjoys you the best internet speed in the hard reach region of your home and workplace. For instance, If you have a Linksys Extender Setup but you have troubleshooting to attach your extender with your router then follow the below-given steps and connect your new extender setup easily with your router and enjoy uninterrupted videos gaming and web series.


    For setting up your Wi-Fi extender configuration you Only need to note the below-given specifications after that you can set up your extender.

    • The Wi-Fi extender setup must be wired in.
    • Note down your router ‘s wireless setting i.e. your SSID or wireless name, your Wi-Fi password or network / security key.
    • Restart the new extender configuration.
    • You must require a decent internet.

    So, these are the required steps you want to remember to set up your new extender configuration. There are two ways to set up the wifi extender setup: Manual and WPS. all methods are given below for your new extender setup.


    Setting up your latest extender configuration manually? Here’s the move you must take.

    In the same place, take your extension and tablet or laptop.

    Link your new extension setup to your device with an Ethernet cable.

    Now plug into an electrical socket your extender and device.

    Type mywifiext.net URL in the web browser afterwards. (if you configure the Netgear extender configuration.)

    Your phone will show a login tab. Offer your username and login info.

    Pick your extender and enter in the requested alternative the Wireless Router Name (SSID).

    Pick the manual alternative and then click on Send. Then turn the extender off and occasionally turn on.

    Your Wi-Fi extender is linked to your network.


    Wireless Protected Setup(WPS) is a wireless network security setup that links a router to an extensor. There are two options to connect your router to your extender using WPS: You can login to the Web-based Wi-Fi range extension setup using the WPS button and the other way.


    Would you like to attach your extension via WPS? Here are the steps to customise your extension.

    Attach the new expansion unit to an electrical socket.

    You need to push the WPS button and leave it in 5-10 seconds after extender lights start blinking.

    Check the WPS Lead and then your extender is able to bind to your router if it begins flashing Amber.

    Then pick your extension and connect.

    If the expanding light is solid green, the expanders are attached to the router.

    Your extender is now attached to your router.


    You want to connect your extender to your web-based router (WPS)? Here are the three options: WPS button, WPS pin and router pin.


    Start a web browser and enter a web URL and log in. Select and click on the WPS alternative. Click the WPS button on the router and switch it off and occasionally turn it on again.

    Using THE WPS PIN

    If your router is not attached, enter the WPS pin in the alternative to be used and press Enter.

    Usage of the router?s pin

    If you need a router pin, you can display the router pin on your router, type it and click on send.

    You only purchase these items and experience uninterrupted gaming, videos and web series when you have a problem with sluggish internet connections. The Wi-Fi extension is not only available for one user but all your home computers that connect to the internet. Delete dead Wi-Fi areas now with the Wi-Fi extension setup. The dead location, the annoying place where you have no Wi-Fi connection in your home or workplace. Any areas with metal objects, reflective walls, architectural interferences and other gadgets are ignored by the best and fastest router. The best way to add life to dead places is to extend Wi-Fi, like wireless businesses Internet boosters. Then you can quickly boost your home Wi-Fi signal. The Wi-Fi booster also provides a handbook to promote installation.

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