Top 6 Wireless LAN controllers for Hotel Businesses

What was once observed as rich and quick wireless connectivity without limitations is presently the expectation of business experts, particularly hotels, conference halls, and assembly halls. As telecom infrastructure is currently viewed as a normal utility, the most recent convention facilities in technology infrastructure, wireless solutions and security updates are on the rise. 

Therefore, venues over the nation have cooperated with telecom organizations to provide event facilities instead of providing innovative solutions.

Most hotels and resorts need fundamental network needs and are price sensitive. Locate the fundamental capacity at the least cost. In any case, some large or lavish hotels are thought of. Networks are not consumer goods and are happy to invest in diversity and status workmanship networks (wired and remote).

In the hospitality business, hotel proprietors need to meet the developing needs of visitors at the cutting-edge of technological change and stay competitive.

What Does a Wireless LAN Controller Do? 

WLC is intended to satisfy the ever-changing needs positioned on wireless networks. It monitors access points that allow different devices to interface with the network. WLC catches the bandwidth produced by your router and stretches it to accommodate your network needs. Like an amplifier for a sound system, it enhances the router signal to allow devices from a more noteworthy distance to at present interface. 

It also gives the network administrator access to all the information and data related to the network. You can see the condition of the physical ports on the device, the equipment status, a rundown of the access points associated, and the customers associated at some random time. It will also find any rogue access points and recent traps generated by the controller. 

List of Best WLCs:

Let us discuss what are trending wireless LAN controllers used in hotels, restaurants, and resort businesses, where guests request wireless networks.

The Edgecore EWS5203 is an enterprise-grade wireless LAN controller that providers foundations, for example, hotels, colleges, or even regions complete with a comprehensive set of managed Wi-Fi features at a competitive price point without a license. 

  • AP management
  • Client authentication, 
  • Policy assignment, 
  • Traffic shaping, 
  • Firewall features
  • Strong network
  • Easy-to-use application
  • Unified administration support 

All in one package, the EWS5203 furnishes network admins – a network with a solid support for full company wireless network infrastructure.

The EWS5204 is a business-class wireless LAN controller that provider organizations, for example, hotels, colleges, or even whole municipalities with a comprehensive solution of managed Wi-Fi features at a competitive unlicensed price point. 


  • Managed AP: Up to 600 
  • Build-in AAA and hotspot gateway functionality
  • Rules for taking care of, Wi-Fi for visitors, logging and reporting
  • WAN load balancing
  • Redundancy: 3 (max) +1 with automatic synchronization

The ZyXEL NXC2500 Wireless LAN Controller supports the administration of Zyssel Unified, Unified Pro and NWA 5000 Managed Series of PX points to provide total wireless LAN capacities to business. The Zaxel NXC 2500 supports initial administration of 8 AP as standard and provides adaptability with a greatest supported total up to 64 * AP, the “Pug-A-U-Grow” guideline provides an assurance and future proof to small and medium-sized organizations, secure, unified Hotels, and educational institutions to implement wireless LAN network.

4ipnet WHG425 is a cutting-edge wireless LAN controller for hotels, It provides a wide range of Wi-Fi systems that can contend with unlicensed costs for buildings, for example, colleges or municipalities. 

  • AP management;
  • Authentication to clients; 
  • Policy setting;
  • Traffic planning; 

WHG425 supports the organization along with firewall capacities and across the board in one package.

The 4ipnet WHG711 secure WLAN controller based on Gigabit Ethernet with 15,000 local accounts, 15,000 even on-demand accounts, is a fantastic security solution for large-scale WLAN deployments, including enterprises, hotels, camps, Airport terminals, and MDUs/MTUs.

  • 4ipnet WHG711 b 
  • Gigabyte Ethernet to fulfill the high demand for large network applications 
  • Simple to disassemble, the wide platform allows inclusion with existing wire/wireless infrastructure without obstruction 
  • Load balancing and WAN failure benefit bandwidth capacity use and provide solid internet connectivity
  • Utilizing a property management system (PMS) for hotels, for example, Micro Fidelio/Opera, WHG711 even empowers Internet access charges to be put on the room bill.

What’s more, clients can buy internet services whenever in the room or on the first page. With a single account, the hotel visitor can access to the internet in the room through the wired Ethernet port or enjoy unlimited access all through the hotel property.

Before the account expires or the bought room reaches its breaking point, the visitor who needs to surf the internet in his/her room doesn’t have to reset the password. The WHG711 represents Internet Access Controller, the least expensive and most effortless configuration network for hotels. 

Not only can the WHG711 manage both wireless and in-room communication internet services for the two properties, yet it works for individuals who only utilize conventional telephones with DSML and DSL modem devices to access the internet to any room.

TEW-WLC100 (form v1.0R) Wireless LAN controller

  • Unified AP management
  • Manages up to 128 wireless access points
  • Compatible with – TEW-755AP, 821DAP, 825DAP, and 826DAP * series
  • Supports IEEE 802.11k radio resource management, 802.11r rapid roaming, and opportunistic key range (OKC) 
  • Closed portal for hotspot applications 
  • Customer and SSID bandwidth management
  • For a visual review of the location of each access point, upload floor intends to make WAP Maps

Controlled portal: Make a custom web portal so clients can confirm with special usernames and passwords. Ideal for hotels, cafes, and organizations hoping to provide public Wi-Fi, and manage wireless usage.

Keep hotel visitors with simple and managed Wi-Fi 

Solid Wi-Fi has become a significant element for hotel visitors notwithstanding investing in cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, hotels are also searching for valuable applications to expand ROI, for example, joining Wi-Fi into their loyalty program or utilizing Wi-Fi to accumulate visitor data.FieldEngineer can assist you with managing and processing all of this data to guarantee you are as protected, secure network infrastructure, and functioning as proficiently as could be expected under the circumstances.

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