When, Where and Why You Should Wear a Hoodie

Hoodies are clothes worn when the weather is cold because it provides warmth with its long sleeves and hood at the back (hence the name). Even if they are mostly popular among teenagers, adults should have at least one hoodie in their wardrobe. Not only would it be handy during winter, it can also make you look incredibly stylish.

Why you should wear a hoodie?

To begin with, a hoodie, even if it could already provide you warmth, can still be worn over a sweater to provide another layer of heat. Hoodies have long sleeves and the fabric used for it is similar to other winter clothes.?

The amount of warmth it can provide is determined on the fabric thickness and the type of material used to make the hoodie. Hoodies could also give you protection from the rain and snow but not as same as an umbrella or a waterproof jacket or coat. It could be enough for a light drizzle or snowfall. Hoodies generally have a drawstring that can be used to tighten or loosen the hood.

You can find trendy pieces especially if you look at the selection of hoodies for women. With street fashion, wearing a hoodie is a staple. Adding a nice cap or a pair of stylish sunglasses could complete your ensemble. Hoodies are also comfortable because they are generally and usually made out of soft cloth which is intended to resemble a fluffy blanket. This is the reason why wearing hoodies provides such a strong sensation of comfort.

When should you wear a hoodie?

When it’s cold outside is the best time to wear a hoodie. Hoodies produced with a high percentage of cotton will keep you warm. As a rule, the thicker the cotton hoodie, the warmer you’ll feel and the less you’ll need to wear another layer underneath it. 

Hoodies are also appropriate for occasions that are neither formal nor informal. When you want to meet up with friends or family, or when you want to meet up with your business colleagues who are also close to you and could be considered a friend. There’s no need to wear collared shirts underneath a sweatshirt for an informal function. T-shirts are ideal for layering under hoodies.

How should you wear a hoodie?

Hoodies go well with a variety of outfits, including jeans, denim, and leather jackets. If you would be wearing the hoodie with a jacket, the jacket should not be longer than the hoodie. A grey hoodie with a navy denim jacket, for example, looks terrific for streetwear fashion. 

When you combine a hoodie with a puffy bomber jacket, you may create a striking style. Or layer a pea coat over your hoodie when it’s raining cats and dogs. Running while wearing a hoodie? You certainly can! It looks great with a tracksuit or a sports jacket. If you’re going to layer it, the thinner hoodie is the best option. For the colder months, thicker hoodies are preferable.

Although the basic hoodie may not be the most glamorous piece in your wardrobe, it is one of the most comfortable and useful. You can wear a hoodie around the house, but if you pair it with the proper items, you can also wear it as part of a smart, casual weekend look.