New Born Baby Things ? A List of Must Have Items

Looking forward to bringing your newborn home can be a different kind of excitement altogether. The anticipation and eagerness are all in the air. However, the need to prepare for it beforehand and ensure you have all the needful items in hand should not go unattended. 

If you walk into a store, you may simply feel like you need to get all items under the roof. That isn?t the case. There are some items that tend to be more important than the others that you and your baby simply cannot go without on a day-to-day basis. So, we have gathered below a check-list of all the must have new-born baby items at your home in time for your sweet little one?s arrival.?

Crib and Mattress

Whether you have a separate room for your baby?s nursery or simply setting up one within your own space, a crib and a crib mattress is no doubt an absolute must have. When buying these two items, you need to check on the safety and comfort of it. Another thing to keep in mind is that the mattress needs to be firm and fit the crib perfectly. 


When it comes to diapers, you may be trying to figure out which is best between either cloth diapers or disposable ones. It?s best to have a collection of both as they both are beneficial. When selecting the perfect diaper brand keep in mind to take new born sizes so that they fit right. Alongside diapers you are also going to need disposable wipes, diaper changing pad, diaper rash cream and a diaper bin. 

Blankets and Towels

From receiving blankets to soft and supple baby towels, you are going to be needing it all. Both of these items need to be of materials that are moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic so as to protect the baby from any negative reaction or skin irritation. You can find such cute baby products online, thus making your shopping process all the more convenient and quicker.?


Having a stroller make going out of the house with a new born baby not only easier but most importantly safer and more secure. It adds in a sense of flexibility in terms of being able to go for a walk, catch some fresh air or even maybe for some visiting. Strollers also provide space for storage which means that you can even go for a grocery run without any setbacks. 

Nursing Pillow

Another must have item is a nursing pillow. It allows you to provide your baby with the right height and comfort level when feeding. Nursing pillows can also help you a great deal by providing your back and neck with the right support and protecting you from any pain. This makes the feeding experience enjoyable for both you and the baby. 

A few other things you should consider getting is a pacifier, a play mat and maybe even some toys and a toy basket. However, make sure the toys are baby friendly with no changes of causing any harm or danger.