Why You Should Opt For Paper Carry Bags

    Paper Carry Bags

    Traditionally, jute and cloth bags were used to carry goods from product producers to retailers to resellers. Likewise, paper bags have also been a part of trade and merchandising for centuries.

    These paper bags are also used by shopkeepers, street vendors, bakers to deliver their products to their customers in a nice and customised way.

    However, we cannot neglect the fact that the consumption of paper bags is limited in business and e-commerce due to lower endurance and less strength. Also, they are less capable to protect products, like food items from the environmental effects or getting spoilt. Due to these weaknesses, plastic carrier bags are taking over the packaging industry globally.

    But the ill-effect of these non-biodegradable products on the environment has become a major concern globally. The rate of pollution is increasing day by day affecting plants, animals and human beings. Therefore it is necessary to avoid consumption of non-biodegradable products in order to prevent degradation of the environment.

    We have gathered some benefits or reasons to choose paper bags over any other material for carrying goods, preventing ecological surroundings and conserving natural resources.

    • Nowadays paper bags are made up of eco-friendly material such as sugarcane waste, coconut husk, jute twine etc., and hence preventing deforestation.
    • Paper bags are 100% recyclable and do not emit any harmful gases or chemicals in the process of recycling. Hence is the ideal choice for the environment and for those who like to use eco-friendly products.
    • Paper bags are economical than any other material as these can be recycled. They also save energy as they are made from forest waste or locally available material hence reducing material transportation costs. This in turn also saves energy.
    • Paper bags can also be used to advertising and branding and eventually helping in popularizing your products and brands. Paper bags can be used for printing designs for making it look artistically appealing.
    • The production of paper bags is chemical-free, hence it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and saves nature. It is hygienic and promotes cleanliness.

    Paper bags cannot be used for carrying every product but can be used for delivering a majority of products. These are durable and serves as an excellent eco-friendly alternative for many companies.

    Excessive usage of plastic can be harmful and can disturb the cycle of the ecosystem. They negatively impact on water bodies and responsible for endangering the life of creatures living in the water. Paper bag is the safest option for protecting the environment.

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