Different Types of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

    Cardboard boxes

    Cardboard boxes have been in use since the 1800s for packaging of goods and materials. These industrially built, prefabricated packaging boxes can also be recycled, thereby reducing the carbon footprint on the planet. Cardboard packaging boxes have become a hit in the packaging industry and are mostly preferred due to its light yet sturdy build which can easily withstand bumps. 

    Owing to its popularity and depending upon the use, there are many types of cardboard boxes available today. But on the whole there are basically 2 types – corrugated and carton or paperboard. These basic two types of cardboard boxes are customized to fit the needs. Let’s look into them

    Corrugated Cardboard –

    This type of cardboard box is made of three layers namely the inner liner, outer liner and the middle fluted layer. When a layer of paper is compressed and sandwiched between the two inner and outliner, an S-shaped layer is formed. The boxes made of this resulting material are called corrugated boxes. Due to its intelligent design and construction, these boxes are more durable and sturdy than the carton or paperboard boxes. Despite being lightweight it can secure heavier products and can withstand the bumps and dings during transit. 

    Corrugated cardboard boxes are also malleable and hence can be easily customized as per the requirements. It has an amazing strength to weight ratio even after you cut, bend and fold it to suit your needs. The strength is the result of the stable arches formed while fluting the inner compressed wall. Under corrugated there are broadly the following types – 

    Single Wall Cardboard –

    Consists of only one layer of fluted inner layer which is fixed between the inner and outer liner. Preferred mostly in the form of rolls so that it can be wrapped around oddly-shaped objects to provide a layer of cushioning and protect it. 

    Double Wall Cardboard –

    As the name suggests there is a double wall along with the double compressed fluted layer. The two sheets of inner and outer liner offer an extra layer of added protection from the outside. These are widely used in commercial, retail and packaging industries.

    Triple Wall Cardboard –

    The strongest of all the corrugated types of cardboard boxes, consists of a three-layered corrugated medium and a 3 or 4 layer inner and outlet liner. Most used in the packaging and transporting of industrial products and spare parts due to its durability and sturdiness.

    Carton or Paperboard –

    Carton cardboard box construction is from a thick paper-based material. These are most commonly used in our everyday items ranging from cereal boxes to electronics. Despite not being as strong as the corrugated boxes, this type of cardboard can be easily bended which is ideal for making boxes which can be used for storage of essential items as well. Because it is made of a paper-based material, colours can be printed on it easily and also can be layered with other materials. Hence the carton cardboard boxes are commonly used in the packaging of cosmetics, toys, electronics, stationery, cereal and many others. A thin sheet of plastic can be layered on the carton cardboard to make it water-resistant and add a layer of protection. 

    Both the types of cardboard construction are transformed into moving boxes depending on the need. Some features are similar to the both the types of cardboard boxes – cost-effective and eco-friendly. Each of these cardboard boxes serve their purpose but at the end of the day are economical and reusable as well. Make sure you choose the correct type of cardboard box which suits your own requirements and we hope that we helped you a little bit.

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