Why Choose Tallahassee as a Study Abroad Destination

Tallahassee in Florida is located 200 feet above sea level, making it the hilliest city of Florida. It is one of the most sought after places for students to flock to, thanks to its many reputed universities. From the Florida State University to the Tallahassee Community College, each offers a unique range of graduate and postgraduate programs.

If you are interested in making the capital city of Florida your home, you must begin your search for student accommodation Tallahassee. Due to the influx of students here, off campus accommodations are pretty much in demand. Such accommodations are usually located conveniently, giving you easy access to the campus. They come with excellent amenities. All basic utility expenses are covered within the rent so you don?t have to shell out extra and exhaust your budget.

student accommodation Tallahassee

Before moving on to the details of student accommodation, here?s some insight as to what Tallahassee offers international students.

Globally ranked universities

Tallahassee offers students world class education with state of the art facilities. Florida State University is the first among them, with an extremely selective acceptance rate. For more than 35 years, this institute has been holding global ranks thanks to its excellent research and teaching facilities.

It is best known for its courses on criminal justice with a graduation rate of 83%, which is higher than other similar colleges offering the same course. The film department is equally popular, churning out talented filmmakers every year.

The FAMU or Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is another historically famous college in Tallahassee. It was the only public Black university in Florida and the third largest in the US. It is well known for its plethora of programs in engineering, pharmacy, business and education among others. The institute has satellite campuses in Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa as well.

Finally the Tallahassee Community College is a public community college and a member of the Florida College System. It?s sprawling campus offers a range of courses in Business management, Graphic design, Dental hygiene, Web technology, Pharmacy Management among others.

To soak up the exciting student life these colleges offer, you must choose student accommodation Tallahassee closer to campus. It should ideally come with all necessary amenities from bike parking to onsite laundry to make daily life hassle free.

Ge the best of both worlds

Tallahassee offers a unique blend of quiet and hustle with natural parks and pubs at the same place. The city has tons of places that you can explore as a student. Obviously the nature trails are free of cost so you don?t have to worry too much about the budget.

There is Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State park with its water sports and landscaped gardens. The Tallahassee Museum is another place of interest you must visit. It has indoor displays as well as outdoor activities like the zipline and nature trail for all the adventurous people out there. Mission San Luis is a Spanish history museum, perfect for all the history buffs out there.

Looking to go backpacking? The Cascades Park with its trails and amphitheater makes for the ideal weekend getaway. Make sure your student accommodation Tallahesse connects you to the nearby transit points so you can explore freely.

For those who enjoy city life, you can catch a live music show at the Bradfordville Blues Club or head over for a nice dinner at one of its many multicuisine restaurants. The city is dotted with a number of student friendly pubs and bars for those Friday night out with friends. While there are no beaches inside the city, the closest one is merely half an hour away if you are looking for a Florida beach experience.

Excellent Public Transportation and Student Accommodation

Tallahassee has an extensive network of public transportation. It is mainly governed by the Star Metro, which operates buses from the length and breadth of the city. If you are a student at the Florida State University, you will receive an FSU card, to avail discounted and sometimes even free rides on buses. As a student your budget is bound to be limited. Such discounts and advantages help you save resources on travel.

Student accommodation Tallahassee offers you a quality lifestyle at affordable prices. Tallahassee has comparatively lower rent though utilities may cost a bit more. But with off campus student accommodations, all your utility bills are covered within a single rent amount.

Student accommodation Tallahassee also comes with amenities like onsite laundry, maintenance staff, cleaning service and communal areas. Choose from a variety of rooms -? ensuite to studios depending on your budget. If you are someone who is fiercely independent, a studio would be the perfect option. For community vibes, ensuite or shared apartments are perfect.

Overall, Tallahassee makes for an amazing study abroad journey. With a rich culture, quality education and excellent student homes, you can be assured of a wholesome student journey.