All you needs to know about sphynx cats

Cats are becoming the most adopted animal as a pet because of their friendly nature. They are coming more close to humans because they are understanding each other that they will not going to harm each other.

There are so many breeds of cats have been introduced in the last few years and many of them are trending, some of them because of their fur and the rest because of their different traits. In these days spynx cats are catching the attention of the people because they don?t have fur and people call them hairless cats also.

Spynx cats

They look very different from the rest of the cats just because of this. That breed is made by the breed of those animals that have these genetics.

Do Spynx cats are good cats or bad cats?

These cats are the most caring and loving cats than the rest of the breeds. If you really want a cat that will love you and will sleep on your lap and greet with you at the door whenever you come back home then Spynx cats are the perfect one for you.

They are very gentle and very friendly with the children and will never harm them at all. It means your children are totally saved with them and they can play them anytime.

You can go for walk or in the park with them, they are easy to go and will not disturb you at all.

How much do these cats cost?

These cats are very rare because they are the only breed who doesn?t have hair on their skin and due to this they are very much costly. If you are going to buy these cats then you have to collect a big amount.

Their price could be different because it depends on their quality of breed, if they are the breed of any reputable breed then they could be very much costly. But it depends on your interest that you only want that cat or you want the most reputable breed of these cats.

Because the reputable breed will be more expensive than the common breed, so it?s all depends on you.   

How long these cats live?

These hairless breed of cats live for many years if you will take care of them, but if you will not take care of them then they will surely going to live for a short span of time because they will get sick.

Their average life span is almost 8 to 14 years which is a very good span of life for a pet. Most of the time people call them the dog cats because of their look like a dog.

If you will take care of them and feed them properly and make them feel good all the time then their life could be increased because it is not fixed that how long they are going to live.

Do Spynx cats smell?

 Every living thing has a special odor just like human beings. They will smell of course but not in any bad smell like. They will smell but in a different way.

Some people make jokes about them that they smell like mushrooms but this is totally wrong they have their own smell but if you will say that a bad smell then this is wrong.

Do these cats need lotion?

They don?t need any lotion all the time but because of their naked skin they need any moisturizer which will protect their skin from direct exposure.

But at first you need to know that which lotion is best for their skin and that should be more chemical free and natural. Because the product having more chemicals will surely going to irritate them.

Can Sphynx go outside?

Their skin is totally exposed because they don?t have hair on them. And due to this many people think that they cannot go outside. Yes they cannot go outside all the time like other pets, but it doesn?t mean that they are not at all go outside.

If you are going to buy any Sphynx cat then you will realize that their skin is warm and that?s why they cannot go outside under the sun all the time. But you can take them out in a moderate weather without any problem just uses any moisturizer on their skin before going outside.?