What Makes A Good Community Nurse?

Community nursing is one of the biggest healthcare professions that comes with a truckload of responsibilities. While the number of community nurses has been increasing daily, finding a good community nurse isn’t easy. 

You can always find a community nurse, but what you need is the best, and for that, you must know what qualities a good community nurse must possess. Here are some of the qualities that a good community must have.

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1. Communication

Communication is the solution to every problem, and we agree with this statement. Registered nurses are supposed to have good knowledge about health care services, but what good will that knowledge do if they cannot explain everything to the patients and their families? A good community nurse must know how to communicate clearly to ensure that the patients understand what is necessary for them. Unclear communication will just show their unprofessionalism, and it might harm the patient. 

2. Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is a skill that most people don’t possess. Only people with excellent observation skills can catch on to little things and know what is essential. A good community nurse must have this rare quality so they can know when a patient is missing details. It is important to note every little detail in someone’s health. If a community nurse does not possess this quality, they might miss a symptom that shouldn’t be missed.

3. Empathy

This is a given since community nursing is a profession that requires a person to care for another. It is essential for community nurses to empathise with their patients, and it is only possible if they like to help other people. Some nurses are only doing this as their job, and as a result, they might lack empathy with some patients, and it shows. Empathy is one of the primary qualities a good community nurse must have. 

4. Stamina

Community nursing is a difficult job; even if someone likes the job, it is physically challenging and requires great stamina to check patients all day. Community nurses also go to visit schools and community centres to spread awareness about the diseases, which makes their job much more tiring than other healthcare professionals who have to stay in their clinics all day. They won’t be able to pull this all day unless they have excellent stamina.

5. Willingness To Learn

The Healthcare system is continuously improving, and there are new advances each day. Only those who are willing to adapt to these changes have a future in this field; hence, it is essential for community nurses to be open to learning new techniques. Sticking to old techniques might not do any good to them, and the treatments might be outdated and won’t be enough to help the patients. Not being willing to learn will only show their stubborn nature, which is not a good trait to have as a community nurse.

6. Time Management

Having to check multiple patients at a time can be bewildering and overwhelming, but a good community nurse will be able to manage it and give equal time and attention to each patient. This is something that comes with experience, and if a community nurse is unable to manage multiple patients simultaneously, it does not mean that the person is not a good nurse, but it shows the lack of experience under their belt.

7. Experience

Last but not least, a good community nurse must have a good amount of experience in the field. There are some things like time management that one can only learn through experience. It doesn’t matter how qualified the nurse is or how empathetic they are, if they don’t have enough experience, all these qualities will not do much for their professional life, so it is vital for a community nurse to be experienced to be considered good.

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