What Is Photoshop

Have you ever walked into a shop and posed for a photographer? Whenever we go to a photographer to take a photo, after taking a photo, the photographer puts that photo on the computer and gives you a good photo by removing the stains, spots, and blackness.

Or you must have seen how to turn a boy into a girl like a funny photo on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and put a man in an airplane, you must have seen all this in photoshop, and today we have all this in photoshop. Will learn

What is adobe photoshop and how to learn 

It is very easy to use Adobe Photoshop, which can be used by any person sitting at home. Photoshop is a software that has been created by the Adobe company, that is, Photoshop is the software of the Adobe company, which we use for graphic designing.

The meaning of photoshop is to edit photos using any tool, make designs by line, correct the image and create vector graphics.

With this, we can do photo editing, banner design, logo design, brochure design, template design, webpage design, album design, thumbnail design, making gif files,s and editing anything with any image. Photoshop is made up of small boxes or pixels.

Whenever you open an image in Photoshop, after zooming in the image too much, small boxes appear in it which we call pixels. Generally, photoshop is a raster graphic i.e. makes small pixels. Image is made from small pixels only, in this pixel we can color and delete it.

In this, we build the image using things like color, font, text, gradient, border, outline, icon, etc. and it is used in photo studios, media, channels, film industry, mobile and software companies, etc. There are many versions of photoshop, currently, the latest version CC(2020) is running.

Adobe Photoshop Course and Learn What is Photoshop

If you really want to learn photoshop, then you have 3 ways from where you can learn what is photoshop, it has been told in full further, those are 3 ways.

  • Join any institute in your city
  • working in a photo studio
  • learning by yourself online

1) Learn what is Photoshop by joining the Institute

Most of the people join the institute to learn photoshop and many people join such institute where the fees are very high. Apart from the big institute, we also get that much information in a small center where fees are also worked, we have to learn photoshop by ourselves.

As we go to work every day, we get to learn something new every day. There is no such person who has complete knowledge about Photoshop because it has many tools and every time one gets to make something new.

Which we come to know gradually according to experience, the adobe photoshop course in any institute is for 2 to 6 months, in which we have to do photo editing, banner making, poster making, brochure, template making, logo making, and digital painting, etc. is taught.

2) Learn Photoshop by working in a photo studio

Sometimes you must have gone to the photo studio, where your photo is edited in photoshop by taking your photo from the camera, if you have someone you know who works in the studio, you can learn from it or you can do a job in a photo studio there. But those who do editing work can learn with their help.

3) Learn online photoshop by yourself

After understanding this much, if you are willing to learn Photoshop, if you are short of money, then you can learn in a few months by reading youtube, blogging, udemy, book, and online in online free sitting at home. To learn by yourself, first of all, you have to download Photoshop on your computer.

After download, install it, then open it, after opening it, you see the menu bar on the left side and the pallets bar on the right side above the list of tools, if you want to learn what is photoshop by yourself, then very easily. You can learn in a few days.

How to make money with photoshop

If you have done a photoshop course from any institute and you have obtained a certificate then you can do the job in any company or we can do photo editing, logo design, banner design, template design, greeting card design, and album design by freelancing. can earn money.

For this, you can work by creating an account on the freelancer website, from where you can earn a lot of money, just you should come to work. There is another way we can earn money by taking a photo from the camera and editing it in Photoshop, selling photos on any website online, there are many such online companies.

Where we can earn money by selling photos. Now you must have understood what is Photoshop and how we can earn money from it.