What is GP Induction and Refresher in the United Kingdom, and what factors are involved?

The GP induction and refresher??? scheme is a new programme that has been launched with the backing of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the British Medical Association (BMA), Health Education England, and NHS England. This scheme involves general practices to get doctors. Basically, this scheme falls under the GP workforce 10-point action plan that focuses on recruiting new GPs, helping returning GPs, and retaining current GPs with the support of ?10m NHS England funding.

Basically, the GP induction and refresher scheme is offering a huge opportunity for the GPs who have already been on the NHS England National Performers List (NPL) and on the General Medical Council register to return safely to the general medical practice after a time spent working abroad, a career break, or raising a family. This scheme also supports the overseas GPs introduction who have no previous NHS experience and have qualified outside the United Kingdom.

The induction and refresher scheme for GP is quite encouraging for those who want to get back to the profession with their experience and skills after a career break. Even, it has been given more priority by the colleges. If you want to get back to your general practices, then you should know about the important factors of GP induction and refresher scheme and bring back your medical career.

What are the important factors involved in the GP induction and refresher scheme?

The important factors of GP induction and refresher scheme include the following:

Dedicated practical support

The most important thing that you can get through this scheme is dedicated practical support. Here, you can get access to a dedicated account manager who will guide you in the whole process. You must be thinking, what kind of support can you get? Well, it includes advice on arranging indemnity, advice on completing paperwork and forms, coordinating placements and assessments on your behalf, and assistance and guidance with arranging occupational health assessments.

Financial support

Another most important thing that you should be aware of is the GP induction and refresher scheme has also available a range of financial support. This scheme is helpful with sponsorship for non-EEA clinicians, the UK-qualified, and the visa costs. Moreover, this scheme also includes help with up to ?18,500 for overseas relocation costs and costs like a monthly placement bursary and indemnity of up to ?3,500.

Tailored to your specific medical practices needs

A range of assessments are involved in the GP induction and refresher scheme, such as simulated and placements surgeries to support GPs on their NHS general practice journey. These assessments can be tailored to fit based on personal commitments and requirements.

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