What Is A Digital Solution Provider?

A digital solution provider offers clients IT solutions that fit their unique services and offerings. In addition, they handle the project needs of their customers from concept to installation through support enabling the provision of a comprehensive and optimal solution.?

The digital solution provider?s workflow typically involves:

  • Studying the customer?s existing infrastructure
  • Evaluating the customer?s needs
  • Identifying the hardware and software requirements in order to meet project goals
  • Setting up the hardware and software on-site
  • Delivering ongoing service and support as well as maintenance and monitoring

Digital Solution Provider Offerings

A digital solution provider provides clients with multiple customized offerings. It is different from the turnkey solution provider that delivers minimal consultation and configuration. The turnkey solution provider offers a one-size-fits-all package for every software product. On the other hand, a digital solution provider customizes solutions for each client based on their exact needs and requirements. They offer a wide range of products to support businesses across different environments. These products include:

  • Project management
  • Software development lifecycle or SDLC
  • IT service management or ITSM
  • Resource management
  • Customer relationship management or CRM
  • IT project management
  • Enterprise service management or ESM
  • Customer journey

A digital solution provider handles all aspects of the customer journey ranging from concept through installation, support, and maintenance.

Why Choose a Digital Solution Provider?

A digital solution provider can offer multiple benefits for a business. They can deliver a customized solution that fits the exact needs of the client. In addition, they can offer multiple business advantages. These advantages include:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Streamlined reporting and compliances
  • Easily accessible performance metrics
  • Clear visibility of financial status and Return on Investment or ROI

Digital Cloud Solution Providers

Cloud providers offer state-of-the-art digital solutions over the cloud. They have emerged considerably in recent years and more and more companies are procuring cloud solutions. These solutions facilitate management and significantly streamline operations. Users can easily access high technology solution on a cloud network over the internet. More and more businesses are opting for cloud solutions for various reasons. They can outsource the burden of purchasing and maintaining the IT infrastructure required in order to operate the solution. As a result, it enables significant cost and resource savings. Multiple cloud service models are available for businesses to choose the most adequate one based on the business nature and type.

Why Choose a Cloud Solution Provider?

Choosing a cloud solution provider can benefit businesses considerably across multiple functions. Benefits of choosing a Cloud solution provider include:

  • Simplicity and flexibility: with cloud providers, customers can only pay for what they use, whether it is data, storage, applications, or any cloud offering. This enables significant flexibility.
  • Monthly billing with no upfront payments: instead of making considerable investment on infrastructure and servers, customers can avoid making upfront payments and pay monthly for the service they use.
  • Local, dedicated support: IT service provider offer local and dedicated support, enabling businesses to access high technical skills and quality support.
  • Saves time and money: an IT service provider will provide you with your exact needs, and significantly help you save time and resources.