Plastic Storage Containers: A Revolution in Material Handling

Liquid spills are a common issue, aren?t they? No, they aren?t! They?re common for people who don?t use high-quality storage solutions. But it is natural for people who don?t know what to choose for their storage needs to go for something that somebody else suggested. Firms such as chemical storage container manufacturers Perth seek to change this.

Liquid handling involving storage and transport is one of the most challenging tasks to achieve success in. You require safe and secure storage solutions so that the client doesn?t keep yelling in your ear about the amount of material wasted in transit. Here, plastic storage containers come to your rescue.

Keep Away from Hazards

For example, if the liquid is water, there is no probable harm while transporting, even if it leaks a little on your hands. But you cannot take a risk while transporting strong chemicals like hydrochloric acid.

Plastic storage containers are highly compatible with strong acids and bases. Various industries utilise these volatile chemicals and they are a critical part of the manufacturing process. However, the storage and transport of such materials are dangerous and involve extreme caution.

The Importance of Safe Chemical Storage

If you mix potatoes and tomatoes, nothing catastrophic will happen except the little effort required to separate them again! However, if you accidentally mix two dangerous, incompatible chemicals, you could burn down the entire building. This is why it is important to store hazardous chemicals securely.

Property damage or loss of life can be avoided by properly storing the chemicals in storage containers. The safe storage of chemicals involves the appropriate

  • Container Type
  • Material handling system
  • Signs and labels

Industrial storage bins Melbourne manufacturers design and produce storage containers made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that don?t react with the chemicals they store.

Other Advantages

Apart from the corrosion-resistant nature of the plastic storage containers, here are some of the other merits businesses should be aware of:

1. Durability ?

Plastic containers are made of HDPE, and hence, have a high impact resistance. You can safely transport chemicals over long distances without the risk of spills and damage.

2. Inexpensive ?

Plastic storage containers can be manufactured at a much lower cost than metal storage containers, making them the preferred choice for material storage.

3. Sustainability ?

The environment is a precious thing that we must strive to protect. Plastic storage solutions make it possible to minimise wastage which helps save the environment.

4. Lightweight ?

Plastic storage manufacturers Australia manufacture plastic storage products that can be lifted and transported easily. This allows for quick and hassle-free transportation.

5. Save space ?

Due to the ability to be created in custom designs, manufacturers design plastic storage containers for chemicals so that they can be stacked upon each other to make efficient use of storage space. This creates more room for additional materials.

Industrial Usage

Plastic storage containers are currently used in various industries depending upon the business requirements. Some of the industries using plastic chemical storage containers are

  • Textile
  • Steel
  • Tire
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Petrochemicals

Capacity Range

Chemical storage containers are available in many capacities to cater for different industry needs. Despite being of a high capacity, these commercial storage bins containers Nelson are sturdy and offer reliable storage.

Manufactured According to Regulations

With the safe storage and transport of these chemicals comes the responsibility to adhere to industry regulations. For example, WHS guidelines require containers storing hazardous material to be appropriately labelled, placards attached and the container must be securely fixed to the ground.

Other Types of Products

There are other plastic material handling solutions as well. Although they may not all be for chemical storage and transport, they are helpful in other storage and transport needs.

  • Crates ? These are made of HDPE as well and used for storage of a variety of products such as agricultural produce and industrial raw material.
  • Bins ? These products have a larger storage capacity than crates and come with a lid. Waste management and seafood industries mostly use these products.
  • Pallets ? Pallets are used for transporting heavy equipment and forklifts can lift them comfortably.
  • Laundry tallboys ? They are mostly utilised in the hospitality and healthcare industry for the movement of large amounts of materials such as clothes.


Wooden and metal boxes are no longer the best option available on the market. Chemical storage container manufacturers Perth are providing companies and customers with the option that will grant greater efficiency and smoother organisational capabilities to their business ? plastic storage containers.

With plastic storage containers, material handling is easy and safe. There is no issue of heavy containers and they can be used for many years. So, it?s time to say yes to modern storage solutions and give a farewell to older storage solutions.