What Do Websites Fail to Understand About Mobile Customers?

Miranda is on a short break at work. She goes through an online store on her mobile to select a gift for her beloved.  

By the time she shortlisted a few things, her break time was over. In short, she could not finish off the purchase. So, she just left the things for a later time to attend.

In short, an abandoned cart and a lead going out of your scope. Something that websites have to deal with importantly.

What if we tell you that the cause of this misery is because of your website? Yes, mobile internet users have to face a lot of neglect while surfing the net.

But as a seller, if you work around these pain points, you will be able to harness innumerable leads into customers.

For a start, let’s have a look at where websites fail the most in converting leads.

Where do online stores or websites lose out on mobile customers?

Studies show that around 83% of the US population (8 out of 10 people) are mobile internet users.

Looking at the stats it?s clear that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will be at a loss. That?s why, you have to ask an important question to your WordPress website designer. And that is, are they creating a website that will convert mobile users into sales numbers?

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How to capture mobile internet users so that they buy from you?

First and foremost, your website has to be mobile-friendly. That is, it should be able to load quickly on a mobile screen. The layout of your website should adjust itself as per the device that one is using.

And above all, you have to harness the pain points of mobile users.

Mobile internet users deal with a lack of preference

Ask any mobile user and they will tell you that websites hardly offer the option to be a guest buyer. It?s astonishing but true that many well-known websites are not mobile-friendly.

You have to create an account with the website or else, you cannot go forward with shopping and add things to a cart.

Not everyone can remember the user id and password with each site they visit. That too, asking a mobile user to go through all the typing is a load that people will rather shrug off.

Be empathetic and different than what others are doing

Secondly, many like to recheck their orders on a desktop PC before making the final purchase. So, a person may just shortlist items on his mobile phone and later buy the product from the PC.

This means that there will be a time gap between when the items will be selected and the final time when things will be purchased. How do you make the person feel cared for? Simple, just give him a wish list.

Cube InfoTech, a Toronto web design company, offers site visitors a wish list. A list where users can keep on adding things while they shop with you. Now, even if they have to leave the site abruptly for a call or some other work, they will always have things ready for them on the website to buy.

Key Takeaway                   

Most Austin web design companies say that websites fail to consider the pain points of mobile internet users. When almost all are on mobile internet, then you also have to be where the users are. A fast-loading mobile-friendly website will get you leads that even paid ads can?t. And more importantly, way more organic conversions and cheaper than those paid ads.