High-Performance Ethernet Cables – Cat6 VS Cat6a Pure Copper Ethernet Cables

ethernet cables

Today’s modern world has become a global village where people are connected in different ways. In this scenario, the importance of network connectivity is increased to a great extent. We are providing our customers with great solutions regarding their networking problems.

Ethernet Cable Manufacturers: –

We are manufacturers and suppliers of network cables throughout the USA. We are fulfilling all types of needs of our customers regarding their network issues. Our main product is Ethernet cables like Cat6 Plenum 1000ft pure copper and Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Cable. We are providing top-quality Ethernet cables of all categories to our valuable customers at market competitive prices. Our product quality and pricing make us superior to our competitors in the market.

With that, our free shipping services (terms & conditions apply) works as icing on the cake for our customers. We deliver products at our customer’s doorstep on the same day. Our free shipping and same-day delivery services are highly appreciated by customers all around the US and they order from us with confidence and assurance. 

They know that they will be going to receive a quality product from us that resolves all the issues of networking. Especially, our Ethernet cables Cat6 Plenum and Cat6a Plenum 1000ft are the most demanding ones among the customers due to their outclass quality and standards. Similarly, our all other networking cables are also manufactured under strict quality standards. 

Comparison of Cat6 VS Cat6a Pure Copper Ethernet Cable: –

The comparison of Cat6 VS Cat6a pure copper plenum cable tells us that there is not a huge difference between the two cables. The major difference find between them is the price difference. Cat6a Plenum pure copper cable is exceptionally expensive in comparison to the Cat6 plenum pure copper cable. 

This is why Cat6a plenum cable is mostly preferred by the network engineers to be installed in the large networks like in schools and hospitals. Whereas, Cat6 cable is mostly utilized in the small commercial networks and in homes. 

Secondly, the difference between the two cables comes in the form of their data transfer speed ability to a distance of 100 meters. Both cables provide same data transfer speeds up to a distance of 50 meters. They deliver data transfer speed of 10Gbps up to 50 meters.

Although when you check the speed of both the cables above 50 meters then the speed of Cat6 plenum cable reduces to 1Gbps, whereas, the speed of Cat6a plenum cable remains the same as 10Gbps. 

Therefore, whatever product you buy from us, you will get it with complete certifications and standards. Our Ethernet cables are certified under UL and ETL safety standards. Therefore, you can buy them with confidence and assurance.

Why WhizCables: –

We are accommodating all types of customers whether they need a product in bulk quantity or a single piece. Therefore, you do not need to worry about anything as we fulfill all your needs and requirements appropriately. In a case, where you think that you have received the wrong product by any mistake. We will accommodate you in the best possible way and provide you with the option to return the product within 30 days. You will not be asked any questions about it and you will get a full refund.For any query, you can contact WhizCables during business hours and we will try to guide you to the best solution to your problems according to our knowledge and information. We strive hard to fulfill the needs of our customers in the best possible way by providing those products that exactly match their requirements. This is why before suggesting anything to the customer, we analyze their needs first and after that, we suggest to them the right products. This saves them both money and time.


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