What are the qualifications required to join a mini MBA programme?

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    With most business leaders looking for ways to enhance their career potential, mini-MBA programmes are springing up globally to provide the much needed academic boost. Academic institutes, no matter the size, are trying to offer Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the most effective and convenient way possible. If you are keen on obtaining new skills, business tactics or brush up on modern business practices, then taking mini-MBA courses may be the right option for you. Read this blog to get an in-depth idea of what a mini MBA is all about. 

    What is a mini MBA programme?

    Mini MBA programmes are tailor-made to teach students the fundamentals of business, including business frameworks, models and accessory drivers that lead to success in an organisation. Students undergoing this programme are specifically trained to instil with themselves strategic thinking ability, cross-functioning attitude in the workplace and innovative problem-solving strategies. Additionally, mini MBA programmes are designed to learn to improve their negotiating skills and proper networking ability, as well as obtain the knowledge needed to become a successful leader in the business world.

    History of mini MBA:

    The mini MBA program was introduced at McGill University in Canada in 1949. This programme was slowly spread in the UK colleges, universities. They offer mini MBA course along with regular courses in both offline and online platforms. Also, there are several colleges in US which are offering similar programs.

    The mini MBA has less than 100 credits. Based on the colleges that students choose to study this program, the daily classroom sessions and weekly sessions vary. You can find the schools which offer few classes in a month for longer time. It is flexible for the students and professionals who cannot attend regular. 

    Things to consider before applying to a mini MBA programme 

    Although mini MBA programmes can be appropriate for candidates looking to enhance their knowledge and experience in business, they might not be for everyone. Students who have already completed a degree in business administration should look out for specialised mini-MBA programmes to enhance certain areas of their academics.

    On the other hand, the cost of these short-term MBA programmes being very pocket-friendly gives students the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the business through separate courses. So be sure to scrutinise the course curriculum structure of individual mini MBA programme before applying. The fun part is that these courses last for only about a few months, holding less than 100 credit hours of study in total.

    Entry requirements to pursue a mini MBA degree

    The academic qualifications to join mini MBA is a minimum undergraduate degree (or equivalent degrees). Students belonging to non-English speaking countries must showcase their English language proficiency with qualified results in Common European Framework (CEF), Level B2(or equivalent examinations). Candidates with a minimum of five years of professional experience in management are encouraged to apply.

    Still wondering if a mini-MBA is right for you? The best way to determine this is to analyse the genre of business that intrigues you the most and then apply to a programme that best suits your interests. It is important to find the particular mini MBA course that is right for you and take advantage of the innovative learning opportunity that it has to provide. Send in your application for the 2020 intake for the Executive Development Programme (Mini MBA), today!

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