Is DeliverAll the Right Business Choice?

    delivery on demand app

    Every time someone mentions business these days, there is always speculation about whether there is anything really credible these days. While the world is struck by the Corona Virus Pandemic, the only sensible business that can actually be of any value to your country and your finances is the DeliverAll app. 

    What is the DeliverAll App?

    ?The DeliverAll App is essentially an amalgam of multiple apps stitched together to help you and your customers. The app is made simple so that you customers can simply log in and select the type of product they want delivered. Once inside, they can see a list of all the stores delivering that type of product.?

    deliverall app

    After that they can see a list of all the items available in the selected store. They can then go ahead and pick the items that they want and add them to their cart. Further, they will be able to check out the items in the cart by making the payments. 

    Types of Stores inside the DeliverAll App?

    Food Delivery: This app will allow your customers to place orders for food and get it delivered to their doorstep.

    Alcohol Delivery: This app will allow your customers to buy a range of wines and other liquors and get them home delivered.

    Grocery Delivery: This app will essentially allow your customers to pick from a range of lifestyle and grocery items from the store and get them delivered to their homes.

    Weed Delivery: You can allow your customers to order medicinal weed products including lotions and other items available in their inventories. This app will enable the customers to pick from the list and add things to their cart and get it delivered to their doorstep.?

    Flower Delivery: Ensure that your customers can send flowers to their loved ones during the pandemic with the flower delivery app.?

    Bottled Water Delivery: Enable your customers? access to clean bottled water when the corona virus is striking the world with the help of this app.?

    Ice Cream Delivery: With the help of this app, you can enable everyone to buy ice creams and get it delivered to their homes.?

    Bakery Delivery: This app ensures that people can have bakery products and items delivered to their doorstep.?

    Stationary Delivery: When all the work from home and study at home culture has turned into a rush, people will now be able to get their essential stationary items delivered home.?

    Pharmacy Delivery: This is a very essential app during the lock down times to ensure that people can get their essential medicines home delivered.?

    What happens when you don?t need a part?

    It is entirely possible that sometimes entrepreneurs don?t need the entire bundle of delivery apps. You may want to omit one or two apps such as weed delivery if marijuana is not legal in your country or you don?t want to start off with Ice Cream deliveries, you can simply opt to omit those apps from within your primary application. 

    Picking the right App

    There are thousands of apps available in the market of the On Demand nature. With the demands suddenly rising, many companies have started building and selling their own version of the delivery app. However, what you must remember to consider is the fact that building an app is a very arduous task. It takes years to build, try and test an app till it is completely ready to launch in an open market.

    Essentially, building an app is so complex, that when someone is venturing into a new direction for the first time, it might be very difficult to gauge the right amount time that it might take to actually build and perfect the app.

    This is because there are multiple facets to the application. An app so complex is not just made of one single product. There are too many sides to it, namely,

    • The store app
    • The store web panel
    • The delivery driver app
    • The customer web panel
    • The customer app
    • The customer web panel
    • The admin panel

    Say for example someone is building the app, they would estimate a timeline of say, four months, while building the app, there are many trials and errors that developers come across. There may be many bugs, many real time issues that the app faces. In order to fix those issues and get them to be normal again, it takes up unaccounted for time. 

    Considering this, we also have to be understanding of the possibility of spending a higher amount than initially anticipated during building the app. The estimate given initially gets beaten and a new value is added instantly. This procedure keeps going along and your budget keeps increasing month after month.

    To save you this world of heartache and pain, we bring to you a carefully designed package with multiple options that cater to all the features that you might require for your business, Our packages are designed in a way that have a clear idea of all the features that may be of value and utility to your company.

    How do we do it?

    We have been developing on demand apps since over a decade now. Our delivery apps have been globally recognized for their quality and our exceptionally fast delivery. We have only been able to achieve this because of years of perfecting the app. After having modeled our apps on some of the world?s leading apps, we have managed to make a foolproof application for you.?

    Since our app is in absolutely ready condition, we are able to make the app launch ready in just 4 to 5 working days. During those 4 to 5 days, we white label the app with your brand name and logo and add the necessary features for your business. 

    We send you the trail demo after this. Once you okay the app, we go ahead and launch them on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Gallery. We take the responsibility of getting your apps approved and kick started on both these platforms. 


    On the whole, during this time of the pandemic, owing your own on demand DeliverAll app is of utmost importance. If you want to get it right, you must be wise and choose the most reliable app available in the market. All the best!

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