What are Limoges boxes used for?

Limoges boxes

Limoges boxes are handcrafted and painted beautiful trinket boxes which are made up of a special kind of porcelain named kaolin which found only in France. Art lovers all over the world are fond of these boxes.

Limoges boxes are considered valuable collectibles and can be an exquisite gift to present to someone on any special occasion. These boxes come in many different shapes and styles and you can go for any you want to. There is a huge demand for these boxes and people use these boxes for several purposes which may include:

To keep jewelry or other valuables/gifts

Limoges boxes are used widely by women to keep their precious jewelry items safe. These boxes are an awesome choice if you are planning to propose your lover and present ring in a heart-shaped Limoges box would be more romantic and heart-melting, or while gifting someone a piece of jewelry for any reason these boxes are a good option to go for.

Likewise, for any kind of gifting these boxes can be personalized accordingly too, for example, chocolate themed Limoges box for a friend who loves chocolates or a bird-shaped box for someone who is fond of them.

Limoges boxes are also used for keeping perfumes or can be used as a powder box to keep your makeup on point while you are on the go as these boxes are miniature in size and easy to carry in purse or handbags. So keep your moisturizer, scent or lip balm in these beauties and apply with hands from your personalized Limoges box instead of the bottles as same as everyone.

These boxes can also be used to send a beautiful piece of poetry or handwritten special note folded and kept inside this beautiful box making it an elegant and extremely romantic gesture to express for your loved one.

To keep as a snuff box or to send chocolates/assortments

Limoges boxes are also used as snuff boxes so gifting someone who loves this mild tobacco stuff in a personalized authentic Limoges box would be a great thought as the boxes are miniature and can be easily kept in pockets and can be transported anywhere.

Not only this but sending sweets, chocolates or any kind of assortments wrapped in these intricate boxes are the best choice as in European culture they used to gift sweets in these small trinket boxes on weddings to guests.


Limoges boxes are a souvenir of France which are handcrafted and painted with great effort and love and is liked in every part of the world. These boxes can be collected and kept as decorative items in your living rooms or can be used for keeping any of your valuables or stuff you would like to carry with yourself. The boxes are available to be personalized accordingly by your choice, so if you are planning to make it a ring box or to gift sweets to someone on Christmas or to keep your poetry in it these boxes are the one to go for.

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