Sick And Tired Of Doing Online Marketing The Old Way? Read This

Online Marketing

Online marketing is all about the growth of your business. It is a new era that began a few years ago and now has taken the world by storm. In fact, it is no exaggeration that you want your business to excel on all platforms. Be it online or traditional marketing it is vital to have an impeccable presence in the digital space. Not only this but also digital marketing is the future of marketing and it can be easily measured. In other words, it is much cheaper than traditional marketing. So, if you are still doing online marketing the old way you might lag behind while the ones incorporating updated strategies will witness considerable growth. Here is a list of updated online marketing strategies that will drive more leads and help you get better conversions.

Voice search optimization

Alexa play my favorite song, Siri call Sam. How many times have you heard yourself or someone else saying that? I am sure a no. of times. After all, Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are setting a new trend. In fact, it was predicted that by next year most of the website sessions will be conducted without a screen.

So, it is fair to say that soon a large percentage of the population will be using voice search to find a restaurant, book a movie or make a reservation. So, you have to be prepared for the changes. Especially the ones you can already see happening. Like Alexa seamlessly enters the spotify list in your phone and plays the song you asked for. 

In addition to this, any voice search these days is capable of pulling out search results you looked for. This means that you have to stay ahead of the game and ensure that all your marketing strategies are optimized for voice search.

Mobile responsiveness

There is no doubt that mobile phones are an integral part of everybody’s life these days. People are using smartphones to do everything and desktops have become a thing of the past. Instead, it is the elephant in the room and you cannot ignore it. To be more precise let us take a look at some statistics. Did you know that 80% of the people use their smartphones to search health-related queries and 65% for bank-related work? Yes, you heard it right, most of the people, especially adults now use their smartphones extensively and the number is increasing day by day.

So, it wouldn?t be wrong to say that mobile responsive websites will achieve more success and moreover, Google will also give importance to websites that are responsive. Additionally you also have to note that mobile responsive sites are affordable, faster and an effective strategy to drive more leads. Similarly, you have to evolve your marketing strategies and create a website design that works best for mobiles.


Unfortunately you can only rank for snippets if a certain keyword is already ranking in the top ten positions. This way the competition remains stiff and you get the opportunity to beat the ones who are already ranking on the top. Now, imagine that you are ranking third for a certain keyword and you have tried almost everything to come on the top. Nothing works best until you incorporate snippets in your marketing strategy. You are suddenly at the top and generating traffic faster than you ever did. So, this is what snippets can do for your business.

Social media Influencers

The world is developing at the speed of light. What was famous yesterday, no longer holds prominence. Similarly, advertisements do not leave a lasting impression on individuals as much as influencers do. I think the trend is changing because people now-a-days demand value added content over promotional advertisements. So, make sure you are either taking help from professionals like Abbotsford Marketing or doing your SEO the right way.

Social media influencers have a significant impact on the younger generations. They will definitely use a product marketed by social media influencers than the ones commercialised through advertisements. Instead, according to a report published last year 30% of the marketers spend around $50K and more on the emerging concept of influencer marketing.

This clearly means that evolving with time and adapting to the changes that come along the way is smarter than sticking to the old practices. Because it is quite clear that success in the online marketing world means that you have to stay up-to-date and incorporate those strategies in your business.

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