What should you not forget when planning a wedding?

    wedding planning

    Your wedding day is going to be one of the biggest events of your life and it?s obvious that you would want everything to be near-perfect. Since there are so many elements involved, budgeting is required, and following up with your service providers also tends to make it harder for people to keep up with everything on their own.

    There have been instances when people even forgot their wedding rings back home, and only remembered them during the wedding ceremony to avoid such inconveniences, that will shoot up your cortisol levels, here is how you should remember everything while planning your wedding:

    Hire a Wedding Planner

    Better to have helped than go through the ordeal and stress of planning your wedding alone. Having a checklist will also be more convenient ? the quick visual reminders are more effective than elaborate journals. Moreover, it doesn?t even have to be perfect ? simply dump all your requirements and you can organize them later.

    Having a wedding planner will save you from the hassle of arranging catering or decoration and you can focus on more personal items like your wedding dress or wedding rings.

    Marriage License

    Your documents are necessary for the initial paperwork. Finally, you will also need your marriage license when you are going for your blessings. Your passport, visa, and close family?s certificates also become important if you are arranging a wedding ceremony in another country.

    Backup Plans for Bad Weather ? or a Pandemic

    Your wedding preparation starts months before the event ? thus, if your local weather is uncertain then think of alternatives to combat it. Or in the case of a pandemic, try to delay your wedding or bag services of companies and people who are willing to give a refund during bad times.


    Especially if you are arranging a destination wedding, and have two events at the church and a hotel ? or even if you have the wedding at another venue. It is important to arrive at the wedding party on time ? and also making sure that they do not get lost in a new country without proper directions.

    More importantly, arrange the transportation after the reception, beforehand ? that will save you from bad moods and mortification!

    Have Someone Coordinate with the Photographer during the Actual Ceremony

    Pictures are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. To save yourself of any disappointment later, make sure that you have a close family member directing the photographer about whom to focus on apart from the bride and the groom. It certainly is your day, but intimate pictures with close family members are always valuable!

    Keep Track of Specific Food Allergies

    This could be a drastic inconvenience that can be avoided by a careful check initially. If you feel like the task of asking everyone individually is hectic ? make sure that you opt for alternate options for common food allergies and have vegetarian options available as well. Thus, speaking with your vendors should be enough.

    Food for Service Providers

    While making a guest list, do not forget to add the number of service providers on your list. They are certainly an important part of your wedding ceremony ? thus, you cannot demand hours of work from them without feeding them!

    Prepare an Emergency Kit with Your Close Friends or Relatives

    Use your army of bridesmaids to have your back during tough times! These include blotting paper, extra bobby pins, Q-tips, tweezers, mirror, perfume, hairbrush, face powder, tissues, lipstick nail polish, and moisturizer ? to instantly fix up the bride?s look if anything goes wrong. Everyone has their eyes on the bride, hence looking perfect till the end of the end is a necessity! Additionally, keep an extra pair of earrings ? in case one goes missing, a mini sewing kit for an unexpected wardrobe malfunction, tampons, and pads for an emergency leak, as well as mints, straws, water bottles as well as phone chargers for minor, yet inevitable inconveniences. 

    Have a High Protein Breakfast, Sleep Well and Take an Anti-Emetic

    Finally, get that beauty sleep in the last few months ? you most certainly would?ve been done with a major chunk of the planning, hence no point in stressing about it. Eat a high protein breakfast on the day of your wedding to avoid any stress-inducing or anxiety-provoking situations. Finally stay hydrated and take an antiemetic if you?re feeling nauseous.

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