Tips For How to Plan a Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding

A large and beautiful wedding venue is the ideal canvas for any couple to create their unique vision. However, planning a large and beautiful wedding can be very complex. This is why it’s important to consider the various factors that go into making a great wedding. Due to the outbreak of corona virus and the increasing number of couples wanting to get married outside, the demand for large and beautiful weddings has increased.

So, here we have enlisted some tips for people who are keen to organize their most awaited day on their own. Let’s begin with the attraction of your wedding, the marquee that’s gonna be the prime location for all the ceremonies.

1. When to Hold A Marquee Wedding:

Once the date is decided, the season of the year affects all the preparations for your wedding. It’s important to track down all the possible obstacles that come with a particular season.

If you are choosing to marry in the peak summer months, consider a spring or autumn wedding instead. The weather will be milder and the colors of the changing leaves will be a beautiful backdrop for your photos. Though the heat can become pretty oppressive on a July or August day, there are many other beautiful months to choose from. Alternatively, if you are looking to have a more relaxed, outdoor wedding in the sun, try choosing an earlier date in the spring or summer months.

On the other hand, autumn and winter can be some of the most beautiful times of year to get married, with the leaves changing color and a touch of frost in the air. marquee weddings in these months often have a more intimate feel, as guests can huddle around the fire inside the marquee.

2. Where to Put Your Marquee:

Installing a marquee is the next big challenge. The marquee structures depends on the number of guests, types of events, types of guests (kids, elders, adults), and of course the venue. A private and intimate wedding in your house garden will surely need a smaller marquee than a wedding resort at the beach. Thus, the location of the wedding makes a big difference to the marquee selection.

3. Check Out the Weather:

Nobody wants to have a sudden change of plans due to the weather. Of course, no one has control over such types of natural occurrences but it’s always a smart move to create room for such uninvited challenges. A picturesque decor or marquee makes it a perfect location for your wedding. Choose a little bigger size of marquee. This creates a comfortable space for the guests to roam around in case of rain and heat.

4. Having Flexible Suppliers:

Going through the market is always beneficial. Check the reviews of the vendors and suppliers. Lots of local vendors are open for bargains and deals. You can save the cost by choosing a good supplier. A lot of big suppliers are available online. Take a look at their online profiles for deals and discounts.

5. The Feast:

Most people attend weddings for good food, fun, and music. Of course, they want to join you on your very special day, but to be practical they will always remember your wedding for comfort, fun, and food. Make a list of top catering services that lie within your budget. Now choose the menu that suits your style, your guest list, and most importantly the weather outside. For instance, it’s better to add some extra beverages and drinks to a hot summer wedding. While a winter wedding requires more food items including hot drinks.

6. Hiring a Wedding Planner:

Dreaming of a perfect wedding and achieving that dream are two separate aspects. You might get lucky enough to make it perfect for intimate weddings, but on a larger scale, it’s better to hire professionals. These people are skilled to make most of the available resources at your limited budget. It’s very hectic to do everything on your own on your most important day. Wedding planners are responsible for the smooth running of all the ceremonies, catering, and other services and for fulfilling the necessities of your guests. It’s always a good thing to have an extra pair of hands to make your wedding day more memorable for you.

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