8 Ways to Make a Cheap Wig Look Good

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    Putting on a wig is such a cool thing sometimes. It can make one look hilarious, attractive, scary or funny depending on what one intends to do with it. For occasions like Halloween, parties, functions and even in everyday life, wigs can be a fun thing to use. Wigs can bring a complete transformation into an individual?s personality with its charming hair styles and looks.

    But wigs can often be expensive and you might not think it’s important to spend that amount on buying a wig that you might wear only occasionally. But wait, cheap wigs are not that bad. In fact, with these 10 ways, cheap wigs can make you look equally glamorous, and attractive.

    1. Use Blow Dryer

    Often it?s said that one should not use hot tools on synthetic hair as it can turn into plastic. But wait, you can do it. If you have bought some costume wigs, then don?t mind putting some heat to your wig.

    For this, use a blow dryer and put it on a low setting.  For this you can round brush the wig to get the desired shape on your wig.

    2. Use steam

    If you are a woman and want to buy an exclusive wigs for women type of wig, then don?t buy one?s that have major curls. It is because such wigs are hard to set with a blow dryer. Rather, you can use steam for setting all those tight curls your wigs already has. For this take a paddle brush and slowly move the steamer over it setting all those curls without losing its beauty.

    3. Cut it out

    Just like you have a haircut to match with your face, a costume wig should also look relevant to your face shape and costume that you are about to wear. For this cutting some portion of the wig becomes essential so that the wig resonates fully with your look. Moreover, it will look more natural as it matches your costume and face giving it a realistic look.

    4. Use Matte over it

    If you are supposed to wear a wig for your next animated video or play or even at a party, then you may consider trying out some cosplay wigs. The advantage of it is that it can be used for a longer period of time but they are quite shiny right!

    No issue! Try using dry shampoo or touch up spray as it will give it a more natural look setting up its excessive fake shine.

    5. Pluck the part

    Now, wigs are heavy and have lots of laces to it and it will surely look unnatural due to its heaviness. So try plucking the part to make it more realistic just like you do with your eyebrows. Hair experts say plucking some parts of your colorful wigs will make the space look wider giving it a natural look.

    6. Conceal your Scalp

    If you are going to a party to wish or wear a wig in your everyday life, then those colorful or Halloween wigs will not be the perfect wig type for you. Instead buy a wig that matches with your hair color. The advantage of doing this is that you can easily hide the space between your wigs bottom and scalp.

    If even that does not work, try using a concealer as it will make that part look just like your scalp.

    7.  Add portions to your Hair

    It is not necessary that you must wear a wig to get the look you need, instead try adding some wefts of hair to your original hair. You can simply add some hair clips to give it a more realistic look. Also it will make sure your hair is intact and does not reveal about your wefts.

    Overall, it will give the extra volume, thickness and height you have been wishing for long.

    8. Braid them

    The worst thing you would want with your hair wig is that it falls off while you are dancing on the floor. To prevent such things from happening braiding the hair is a great idea. Not only braid your portions of hair you want to conceal, but put clips, pins inside of your wig. It will give you the freedom to do whatever you want to do.


    Seriously, wigs add so much value to people in their everyday life. Whether it is for Halloween or for daily use purpose or for occasional parties, wigs add power to one?s look and make them look attractive and glamorous.

    And in order to look glamorous and attractive, you know you don?t need an expensive wig now!

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