Everything You Need to Know about Virgin Hairs before Opting to Use them

    Hair extensions For Short Hair

    Virgin Hairs or Virgin Cuticle hairs have a very high demand in the fashion industry. These can further be used in different ways as extension, weave, and wigs to enhance facial appearance. Especially you can utilize them as Hair extensions For Short Hair to complement and fullness to your personality for an impeccable look. 

    Overall Virgin hairs are better in every aspect with custom styles, low maintenance, less shredding, and can stay in its true form the longest of any hair extension, wigs, or other. Here are some interesting facts you should know about Virgin Hairs before opting to buy them.

    • The first thing is Virgin hairs are human 100% hair and not processed chemically or any techniques procured from a single donor only. Hairs should not be treated, permed, colored, bleached, dyed, or any chemical process that can change its status.
    • Virgin Hairs are procured only from one set of a donor though it could be either be Malaysia, Brazilian or Indian, etc. Cuticles have to stay intact from their point of origin and allow to run in the same direction from root to tip. Cuticles play an important role in keeping that natural look to your style. Being the outermost layer and almost not visible through any naked eye, Cuticles are the water-resistant layer acting as the protectant for hairs from outside influence. These cuticles often get destroyed with excessive brushing or chemical processing.
    • When compared with other extensions, Virgin Hair Extensions also require less maintenance. They need the same level of care as for your natural hair. You must use non-sulfate conditioner and shampoo while still avoiding a large number of heats and external products on these extensions. 
    • Virgin hairs are also quite thick, strong strands, and fewer chances of any breakage. So women can enjoy avoiding the biggest issue of shredding while using these extensions.
    • They also blend perfectly with your natural style, making it the most suitable choice for women to enhance their beauty. So whether its Hair weaves or clip-in extensions everything will suit with the right look.
    • Like 100% human hair, these virgin hairs can be straightened or curled to give you any creative style. Heat-protecting products are recommended to avoid dryness and breakage. Also, make sure to protect them during sleep.
    • Similarly, Virgin hairs can be colored to match your personality. On the other hand, generally, these are darkened to further make them a little light. Get your stylist to help you in the process and utilize a productive dye. You must test the sample before using them on all.
    • With Virgin hairs, you can easily customize with any hairstyle efficiently to gain a highly attractive look. You can also use them as hair weaves or hair extensions to enjoy a stunning look throughout the day.  
    • Effective maintenance extensions can last up to 1+ years depending on their type and grade. If the care is right there are also less likely chances for tangle or matte. Though minimal shedding is normal as wefts remain intact and not cut.
    • Make a regular appointment to your stylist or saloon to keep their shape, maintenance, and style intact for keeping their shine the same for years. 
    • Virgin hairs are the most expensive and considered among the best products especially for hair extensions in every aspect with their impeccable look, longevity, care, and maintenance.

    Remy hair is also popular that has almost 98.99% of human hairs though donors can be multiple in this type. Still, Remy’s hair is often treated in one or another way chemically to enhance their exterior look. The human hair industry is a billion-dollar industry with huge international market and demands. Remy hairs are readily available in the market and can help you shape in any perfect look you aspire for. 

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