The Ultimate Guide To Wavlink Wifi Extender

wavlink wifi extender

I am a Chartered accountant in the USA. In my office, all the accounts work online. To manage my office work online I will use the router network. This router has been used by me for the last five years. But now my previous router does not provide a great signal of the network in my whole office. Sometimes, the router WiFi automatically disconnects from the device, the router?s network does not provide the signal, the WiFi speed of the internet does not provide the range, and so on.

Then, I will buy a Wavlink WiFi Extender. To fix the issue of the router. I will set the Wavelink WiFi Extender near the location of the router. With the extender, I will manage properly all the office work using the Wavelink WiFi Extender. In below, I give the ultimate guide about the Wavlink WiFi Extender setup. To access the login page by searching this address from the Web interface wifi.wavlink.com. The Wavlink WiFi extender is designed using the latest technology and it?s used in multi-story homes, offices.

Login to the Wavlink WiFi Extender

Turn on the power of your router, Extender, and device. Attach all the devices with the Ethernet cable. To connect to the Extender WiFi network first you have to need to do Wavlink WiFi extender setup and login. You can not do the Wavlink setup without completing the login credentials. To complete the Wavlink Extender setup first you will access the login page by using wifi.wavlink.com. You need to log in to the Wavlink WiFi extender login username and password. By using the Extender admin username and password you can easily do the setup. Login to your Wavlink Wifi Extender first, you can access the login page. After accessing the login page, the login window appears on your Pc screen.

Type or enter in the username your Extender admin username and in the password. After completing the login credentials, tap on the next option. Now, the Wavlink WiFi Extender login process is completed in a proper manner. After the login, your computer screen shows a setting option. With one click you can easily do your Wavlink extender setup.

Setup of the Wavlink WiFi Extender

If you are wondering about completing the Wavlink Extender setup, firstly you have to need to access the login page. To access the Wavlink Extender login page, you have to need the IP address of the Extender or wifi.wavlink.com. On your pc screen appears a login window. In the login box, enter your Extender username and password and complete the login credentials to do the Wavlink setup. Once done, the computer screen views a setting option. Through this option, you will do your Extender setup without any issue.

Click or tap on the setting option. Then, again click on the advance setting option. Here in this setting option change the setting according to your Wavlink WiFi Extender setup needs. Change the setting and then click on the save option. Complete and follow the screen instructions for the Wavlink Extender setup. Now, the Wavlink WiFi extender setup is complete. After the setup, you can connect the WiFi network to your device. After connecting the network to your device, check the extender network on your device.

Reset of the Wavlink WiFi Extender

The Wavlink WiFi extender reset is mainly done to free up the memory and clear the catch from the Extender. It works like a routing machine that sends and transfers the data in a few seconds to another device. So, it accesses the internet. If your Extender does not work properly, presents an error in the time of login or setup, and so on. To solve these issues of the Wavlink Extender, the most common thing done by every person is reset. To reset your Extender first turn on your device and go into the setting option and select the WiFi network name from the list.

Connect the network by entering the password to your computer. After accessing the WiFi network on your Pc. See your router and find the WPS button is given on the back of your router. To reset your Wavlink WiFi extender press or hold the WPS button by using the paperclip. Hold the WPS button for a few seconds and after completing the rest process release the WPS button. Wait for a few seconds to reboot your Extender. Now, the Wavlink WiFi extender reset process is completed successfully. Open your device and connect the Wavlink WiFi Extender.

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