45 Fun Facts About Eyes

fun eye facts

The very first thing that you would notice in a person is their eyes. Undoubtedly, the eyes are the most fascinating part of our body. But how much do we really know about eyes and how they function? The very question came to my mind after attending a seminar in the Khyber medical centre. We are highly dependent on our eyes for daily life activities yet we don?t know anything about our eyes until we suffer from any eye illness and visit an eye specialist.

So, in my case, the same happened when my uncle suffered from a severe eye infection that he had to undergo eye surgery but thanks to the doctors in Peshawar, that surgery was successful and my uncle is healthy. This incident made me realize how less we know about our eyes and how important it is for us to have knowledge about our eyes.

Now, if you are thinking that this information is getting serious, let me take you on a fun ride of interesting and amazing facts about the eyes.

So, here is a list of quirky fun eye facts

  1. The most common eye colour is brown.
  2. Eye in its current form developed about 550 million years ago.
  3. Our eyes only see what our mind wants to see. Our eye functions like that of a camera, it captures the light and sends it back to the brain.
  4. When we talk, our eyes blink fast.
  5. In just a mere second, you can blink about 5 times.
  6. It takes about 100-150 milliseconds to blink.
  7. The fastest muscle in your eyes is that of your eyes.
  8. Even without rest, your eye can function at its full 100%.
  9. Your eyes have about 576 megapixels lens. Interesting!
  10. In a year, you blink about 4,200,000 times.
  11. If you take care of your eyes, your eyes can heal quickly. Only in just 48 hours, your minor corneal scratch is healed.
  12. The blue colour in the eyes was firstly reported about 6,000-10,000 years ago.
  13. Your eyes test can even detect high BP and diabetes as well.
  14. Diabetes is the leading cause of eye blindness.
  15. A person can even observe the flicker of the candle from 14 miles away in the right lights and conditions.
  16. If a person suffers from two different colours in the eye, this condition is known as ?heterochromia?.
  17. The size of your eyes remains the same as your birth.
  18. By birth, babies are colour blind.
  19. Colour blindness is common in males.
  20. Newborns do not produce tears until they are 6 weeks old.
  21. The lifespan of our eyelashes is only 5 months.
  22. We all have harmless, unseen and microscopic creatures residing in our eyelashes.
  23. Eyelashes help in keeping dirt out from our eyes.
  24. Glabella is the space between our eyes.
  25. Eyebrows help to prevent the sweat from dripping down into your eyes.
  26. UV rays are the main contributing factor in premature ageing around the area of the eyes.
  27. Dogs are not able to differentiate between green and red colours.
  28. Ostriches have bigger eyes as compared to their brain.
  29. Box jellyfish 24 eyes, scorpions have 12 eyes and bees have 5 eyes
  30. Chameleons? eyes are unique as they can see in two different directions.
  31. There are no blood vessels in the cornea of the eyes.
  32. Dolphins keep their one eye open while sleeping.
  33. Colossal squids have the largest eyes that are about 27cm long.
  34. Snakes have two unique sets of their eyes. One set is used to detect heat and movement and another is used to see the objects.
  35. There are 30,000 lenses in the dragonfly.
  36. Out of all birds, only owls are able to see the blue colour.
  37. Worms have no eyes at all.
  38. Goats have a wide field of vision due to their rectangular pupils.
  39.  Ommatophobia is the fear of the eyes.
  40. There are about 500 shades of grey in the human eyes.
  41. The average weight of your eyeball is about 28 grams.
  42. Interestingly, one eye of every person is stronger as compared to the other eye.
  43. Night vision is reduced by smoking.
  44. When you cry the tears drain into your nasal passages and your nose gets runny.
  45. For good eyesight, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and oily fish can be used.

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