Wave Of Ayurveda To Revolutionize Health Tech Globally

As the world stepped out of an uncharted pandemic, the need for holistic healthcare bloomed in the market and created a wave of revolution in the health industry. In India, Ayurveda is experiencing a resurgence due to people accepting it as a way of life rather than the alternative medicine it once thought to be.

Currently, the wave of the future is to focus less on illness and more on prevention & wellness. This is not just a mere fancy quote but rather the upcoming revolution in the wellness industry, and there are colossal numbers to back the claim. As per the Global Wellness Institute, the projected market size of Global Wellness is a $4.5 trillion industry & a $ 40 billion Indian Industry.

Post covid, Ayurveda is being recognized worldwide for its ability to prevent illness and treat various chronic lifestyle diseases from the root cause. Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) account for 80% of the market share in the Indian ayurvedic industry, which comprises numerous significant players. In such a list of players, Lifechart is rising as India’s first alternative health tech wellness platform, which gives access to 500+ certified Ayurveda doctors, affordable ayurvedic product delivery at the doorstep, and personalized disease recovery plans.

With an estimated industry size of thousands of crores in sales, India is quickly establishing itself as a global wellness and Ayurveda center. If statistics are to be believed, the country’s Ayush sector is set to increase its market share to 23 billion dollars internationally by 2023.

Today people are tired of paying for expensive allopathy medicines & burdening fees of private hospitals; this is precisely where the role of affordable healthcare comes into play.

Lifechart strives to provide affordable?Ayurveda doctor consultation?to individuals from the comfort of their homes via call/chat option through their website & application. The brand promises to connect patients with?online ayurveda doctor?within 60 seconds. Customers can sign up for the care management programs using a portal depending on the disease severity. The products will then be delivered to the customers’ doorsteps after being clinically tested and placed on a platform.?

The health tech platform relieves patients from waiting in hospital/clinic queues. Patients can get treated for various health disorders from ayurveda doctor consultation. Lifechart offers 100% natural treatment for issues like Diabetes, Thyroid, Piles, Blood Pressure, Skin Issues, Hair fall, heart, kidney, Sexual issues, and a lot more. The emerging counselling platform leaves no stone unturned in keeping the customer’s information safe & providing them with a comfortable zone.

India is abundant in herbs and people resources; we have a great deal of potential to use Ayurveda to become a center for world health and wellness. Ayurveda is poised to have a significant impact on the lives of millions of people?not just in India but all around the world; there’s no doubt soon Ayurveda will take over the globe to transform the lives of people across the globe.