Ojas and Ayurveda

Ojas Ayurveda

Ojas refers to the strength and vitality present in a human body to counteract infections, stress, fatigue, and other external attacks made on the immunity of the body. Ojas is directly related to the ability to digest and nourish the body effectively and conduct normal day-to-day activities without having to succumb to outside attacks such as flu, dysentery, or other such infections.

Ojas Ayurveda is a separate discipline formed within Ayurveda to attain immunity, vitality, and overall health with the use of some of the best herbs in Ayurveda.

Ojas Ayurveda

These herbs are handpicked to create what is referred to as Ojas capsules which help us in boosting immunity, maintaining good digestion and energy, eliminating stressors and toxins from the body, and boating the overall metabolism in the body.

Boosting Immunity with Ojas and Ayurveda

Every once in a while, we all tend to get sick and develop either a cold, flu, or stomach infection. It has become so common amongst us that it is taken for granted to fall sick every now and then.

In Ayurveda, Ojas is a concept that has been studied in great detail and is practiced by many ayurvedic gurus and it claims to help boost immunity in such a way that falling sick would be a rare occurrence in one?s lifetime.

Ayurveda claims that the benefits of consuming certain herbs over a period of time, along with a healthy Ojas-driven diet and exercise can give us great benefits and help us in living a life that is full of energy and vitality.

These herbs may be hard for us to find and consume, and therefore Ojas Ayurveda suggests we consume them in the form of Ojas capsules that are made with the special and unique blend of vital herbs that aid healthy metabolism and stronger immunity.

Herbs used in Ojas Capsules


Pepper is one of the most important spices in Indian cuisines and is exclusively used in many ways traditionally to cope with environmental stressors. Pepper helps with Agni or the Digestive Fire in one?s body. It helps in the efficient metabolism of the food we consume and helps in digesting the food better.

  1. Long pepper

Long Pepper or Pippali is another form of Black Pepper that is extremely helpful in boosting the immunity in the body. It also stimulates the immune system and helps in metabolizing the food we consume in a better manner.


Dashamoola is formed by 10 essential roots of herbs and is one of the most potent ingredients of this capsule. It contains the goodness of so many herbs such as Oroxylum Indicum that help in improving immunity, natural digestion, cope with environmental and seasonal stressors, etc.


Giloy is termed as Tinospora Cordifolia which is essential in boosting the vitality in the human body and helps gain strength through natural immunity.

The Ojas Diet and Lifestyle

Within Ojas Ayurveda, it is recommended to consume these herbs along with a staple diet of some important superfoods to boost the metabolism, digestion, and immunity in the body. This also needs to be paired with regular Yoga and pranayama exercises to help strengthen the body from within.

Some of the recommended food items are :

  1. Green leafy vegetables
  2. Fresh fruits
  3. Cooking with ghee or coconut oil
  4. Turmeric and ginger
  5. Whole wheat, nuts, oats, etc
  6. Mung Bean, soy, and pumpkin seeds

One must also remember to avoid packaged or frozen foods.

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