Using Node.js For Backend Web Development In 2022

The popularity of node.js amongst developers and programmers has been ever-increasing day by day. Node JS is Highly popular and well used for technology companies like Netflix, Uber, Twitter, Paypal, and a lot more. According to a recent Stack Overflow survey in 2021 node.js was ranked amongst the top 6 Technologies to be used for any kind of web development or backend development.

Even though there are many applications and implementations that can benefit from using node JS, we suggest to you why to use and why should you not use node JS for backend web development. Here are the topmost reasons that shall compel you and suffice you to use node JS for backend web development.?

Why Use Node JS?

  • The use of flexibility, as well as the efficient nature provided by node JS, allows for developers and programmers to create fast and efficient applications that are not only scalable but also efficient and effective as well. The ability of node.js to provide fast synchronization for any kind of input-output device makes it’s very useful for any kind of event-based applications implementation. 
  • Node.js is quite efficient and is very useful for building both serverless and microservices-based applications because of the ease of use and the flexibility offered by this wonderful Technology
  • Node JS can be used as an option for processing and management of multimedia data in an efficient manner because it provides developers and programmers with handling asynchronous input and output data processing in an efficient and easy way. The way node JS handles data simply makes it an amazing tool for using and designing multimedia applications as it is able to provide multiple connections to the server without being left idle for any kind of processing power thereby providing their ability to do simultaneous processing for multimedia input-output based applications
  • Node JS is extremely efficient and very good at handling simultaneous multi connections. this makes it an efficient choice for having multimedia streaming applications been designed over the platform. Internet of things is built on many devices and can efficiently use node JS what means small messages of push notifications two applications utilizing the Internet-of-things technology. Node JS provides an efficient backend for this kind of input-output-based application which thereby increases the efficiency and interactivity between uses and applications being designed.
  • NodeJS is a wonderful choice for developers and programmers to quickly based build products and bring them to the market without having any kind of delay. Programmers and developers can increase the return on investment and quickly develop a minimum viable product using less time and effort possible. Doing this can help technology and product-based companies to quickly release the product into the market and get valuable feedback using common web languages and platforms.
  • The node.js ecosystem is essentially built on a C++ server that runs on the main host node. this architecture allows for easy integration of third-party application that was built using C++ libraries.
  • Node JS allows for developers to provide horizontal scaling as well as vertical scaling for applications and due to its nature developers and programmers can easily increase the efficiency of the programs/ applications providing important functionality as well as increasing the processing power of the host application to scale it for demanding users and requests.
  • Node JS is based on open source technologies digital bi allows developers and programmers to use this open-source technology as many times as they like. They do not have to pay any kind of fees or licenses is in order to use this technology to their heart’s content.
  • Popular application stacks such as Mongo DB, Express, Angular, Node JS known and MEAN, and MongoDB, Express, React, and Node JS, known as MERN provide facility to developers and designers to create value of an application using this technology stacks in the best and efficient way possible that provide value to users bring them closer to technology in a harmonious way. You can Hire Nodejs Developer if you are looking for Nodejs Web Development.

Why Not Use NodeJS?

Even though there are many use cases that signify why should we use node JS, there are some use cases or applications that when using node.js can backfire and can result in a lot of problems and issues. Here are the use cases where we should not use node JS for 

Backend web development:

  • The financial sector is definitely a single spear when node JS is not used and this is mainly because node JS is not able to handle efficiently floating decimal point numbers. Using node.js in such implementation of financial calculations can lead to the accumulation of errors in variables and objects that deal with financial calculations.
  • As node.js can not handle intensive CPU operation in an effective and efficient way, applications that utilize an amount of CPU power using multiple threads for CPU processing can result in low performance for the application under processing. In such cases, you are better off using some other technology instead of using Node JS.


So we have seen the effective use cases where should you use node JS for backend web development. It is true that node.js is a popular technology and there are multiple implementations and examples where using node.js is a viable option. We should take note that using a particular Technology only signifies the appropriate functionalities that we can provide in a particular product. We should carefully select a particular Technology after carefully weighing is done according to the benefits that it has to offer.

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