Diamond Shopping – What You Need To Know About Diamond Clarity

Diamonds have always been considered the most precious stone on earth. Their mere addition to the jewelry box fills our hearts with joy. However, buying the ideal diamonds takes a lot of precision. You have to know a lot of things before going diamonds shopping.

If you want to get the homework done before buying diamonds, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will know how to choose diamonds and the best place to buy diamonds. So, buckle down and keep reading.?

Why Investing in Diamonds is a Wise Option?

Investing in diamonds gives you the immense pleasure of buying the finest stones. The ultimate satisfaction is when you find your diamond in your jewelry box.

It is an attractive option for those who love diamonds, and for those who want to invest money in the best market, it is the best idea to buy quality diamonds.

Here are some reasons why investing in diamonds is wise-

  • Diamonds do not require much storage space.
  • Diamonds cost 2-5 times more than gold.
  • Being the most challenging thing on earth, Diamonds are very durable and do not require much care.
  • The value of a diamond will always be higher than gold or silver, or any other precious metal/stone.

Where to Buy the Diamonds?

Diamonds are naturally occurring precious stones made under high temperature and pressure. However, diamonds are also made in the lab now.

It isn’t easy to buy diamonds of the exact shape, size, color, and quality with this option. You might not be able to differentiate between artificial and natural diamonds as well.

Therefore, buying a diamond from a supplier with deep experience dealing with diamonds is the best option. You can also lookup for diamond stones for sale online. You can find several reliable dealers if you want to buy diamonds online as well.?

Furthermore, you should also know about buying diamonds; you cannot trust the dealer blindly after all. 

What is Diamond Clarity?

The visual appearance of each diamond is graded using a qualitative criterion called diamond clarity. The lower the number of flaws and defects in a diamond, the higher its clarity grade.

Only the most valuable diamonds are found in flawless condition; most diamonds are flawed, with different degrees of internal inclusions and surface flaws. It is what has an impact on clarity.

Five elements influence the clarity grades (1 to FL). 

The size, nature, number, location, and the relief of the inclusions, all play a part in diamond clarity grading. Let’s look at how these factors affect clarity.

Size –

Higher the size of inclusions, poorer the clarity of the diamond.

Nature –

Nature means the type of inclusions and the depth. If the inclusion is on the diamond surface, it will be treated as a blemish and not inclusion.

Number –

Higher the number of inclusions, the lower is the clarity of the diamond.

Location –

The location of the inclusion within the diamond affects the clarity too. If the inclusion is closer to the center, the diamond will appear more unclear.

Relief of the inclusions –

The relief refers to the visibility of the inclusions in contrast to the diamond. The darker the hue seems, the higher the relief, affecting diamond grading.

How to Choose a Diamond?

Choosing the best diamonds to buy with fantastic clarity is a challenging task. However, if you have prepared yourself well, you will certainly buy the best.?

Before buying a diamond, you must know and check a couple of things. It will help you in purchasing wisely. 

Here is a list of things that you must pay attention to before your diamond purchase, have a look-


You must check that the diamond you plan to buy has a specific color. It should be dark blue or yellow, and the wavelength should not be less than 1,680 nm. When the wavelength is less than 1,680 nm, the diamond becomes more translucent than the others. So, it becomes harder to spot it and is, therefore, a good option for a wedding ring.


Diamonds which are round are more popular than the others. They are also considered the best option because they have the perfect geometric shape and size. These types of diamonds are more common as they are affordable.

Color Intensity

Diamonds with a higher degree of color intensity usually cost a little more. So, it is advised to buy the one that has the highest degree of color intensity.


The cut of a diamond impacts how much light it reflects. A poorly cut diamond with excellent color, clarity, and carat weight will be dull and lifeless if it only reflects a small amount of light. In comparison, a diamond with a perfect cut will radiate fire, glitter, and allurement.


The carat weight is significant since it influences its price and represents its rarity.

So, if you want to be sure that you are making a suitable investment, then make sure to check the carat weight of the diamond. 


A diamond’s clarity can have a considerable impact on its price. If you want to buy a near-perfect diamond, then ask the merchant for high-quality images so that you can check the clarity.

Summing Up

Buying diamonds is indeed a big step and will certainly cost you a hefty sum. Hence, it is best to be prepared and buy smartly.

Now that you know what diamond clarity is, the factors that influence it, how to choose a diamond, and other necessary details, we hope you will buy smartly.

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