US Food and Drug Administration- Public Health Saviour

Public Health Saviour

Have you ever wondered about the food you eat? The packed food that you buy from the shops is safe for your health? How does it affect your body? Are their negative effects? We usually don’t think about such stuff. Why? Because these products are made safe for us and tested thoroughly before being launched in the market. And we have the US Food and Drug administration to thank for it. 

The US Food and Drug Administration, commonly known as FDA, is a federal organization. The major focus of the FDA is to look after public health. The US Food and Drug administration constantly works to improve the quality of health amongst the citizens of the united states. 

What is the US food and drug administration?

FDA comes under the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The very essence of the FDA is to maintain and promote the health factors for the betterment of the masses. Public health is the major focus of the FDA. And this is done by taking care of a few things- supervision of processed food, tobacco products, dietary supplements, medicines and many other things. The US Food and Drug administration looks into both prescription and over the counter drugs.

The FDA ensures that the food reaching the public is in the best condition and enriched with nutrition. FDA also supervises some medical processed like vaccination and blood transfusions. The FDA also monitors electromagnetic radiation-emitting devices. In simple terms, anything that has an impact on your health is under strict monitoring by the FDA. There is another part of the FDA that focuses on cosmetics, animal food and veterinary products.

Role of the FDA in regulating New Drugs

As the severity of diseases is increasing, so is the research to find the apt drugs. Many new drugs are being generated. But before they are launched in the market, every drug needs to meet some requirements and go through mandatory clinical trials. There are many ways in which a drug can be put to the test. And in most conditions, a process called ‘blinding’ is followed. ‘Blinding’ is something that is put to practice to eliminate bias.

In ‘blinding’ there is no way a patient would know if he is receiving a drug or a placebo. And not just that in the alternate level of ‘Blinding’ even the interviewer is unaware if he is interviewing a placebo patient or a drug patient. PFA monitors all this.

Once the drug is put to trial, and it produces positive results and fewer side effects, the FDA approves the drug. The purpose of the FDA is to ensure that the drug put into the market is beneficial for the receiver. Most drugs have side effects, but it is up to the US Food and Drug Administration to analyze and compare the beneficial and harmful effects of a drug.

FDA and biotech companies

The US Food and Drug Administration has a major impact on the functioning of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. These are involved in making newer drugs and have a major impact on the health of the common masses. Keeping this in mind, it is the responsibility of the FDA to analyze the drug produces. Once the FDA is satisfied with the functioning of the drug, then only it is launched in the market.

Effects of FDA on the market

 FDA has a major influence on the market. It is the filter through which drugs have to pass before they can make it to the public. Thousands of dollars are spent on the development and trial of new drugs. All of it will go to waste if the FDA does not approve of the drug. This is a simple way in which FDA administers which drug is launched in the company and which isn’t.

In one way, the actions of the FDA have an impact on the stock market as well. Approval of a drug might open some investment doors for the manufacturing company. This has a direct impact on the stock values of the company.

FDA does not only monitor drugs. All sorts of food and dietary supplements. FDA is actively involved in food manufacturing and food processing. Everything that you consume is thoroughly processed and tested by the FDA. And once the food passes the test only then, it makes to your nearest stores.

Besides all this, there are certain other things that demand active involvement of the FDA. FDA monitors the clinical trial of a drug and animal testing of the drug. FDA also monitors the import of controlled substances. Medical appliances, especially those involved in the radiation, are under surveillance by the US Food and Drug Administration. This includes things like electromagnetic radiation emitting devices like CT Scan machines and X-Ray machines.


?The role of the FDA in the life of a common citizen is very important. The contribution that the FDA makes is way more than you can imagine. It monitors almost everything that you eat. Monitoring public health and wellness is the prime focus of the FDA. The FDA also takes steps towards the improvement of public health. In short, everything that can have an impact on your life is under the control of the FDA. And they make sure that only the best products reach you.

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