10 Lesser-Known Facts You Should Know About Your Blood Test

Lesser-Known Facts

Complete Blood Count, acronym as CBC is a normal routine blood test which you have to perform to check the count of WBCs (White Blood Cells) and RBCs (Red Blood Cells). But it doesn?t cover specific diseases such as cancer, anaemia and infection. There is another special blood test which is centralised on the metabolic panel for examining the functional condition of various internal organs. 

It involves liver, kidney heart function and lots more. Lipoprotein panel is performed via drawing blood samples for checking you risk for heart disease with the help of the measurement of the triglycerides, LDL and HDL. Only a complete test will help your doctor to know about your current health status. 10 lesser-known facts of blood test are mentioned here for your reference.  

?Good News? represents to what in the blood test report

While you are going for routine health check-up you will be suggested to undergo private blood tests in London as a crucial part of it. However, after the analysing of your blood sample is done, you will be informed whether everything is fine or not! Generally, if there is no issue found in the blood sample and everything is within range you will be informed immediately.?

But, in case if abnormality is found regarding your cholesterol level, blood chemistry and CBC then you will be not informed. Moreover, the copy of the report will be sent to you with no or little explanation. You are responsible to visit the doctor?s clinic with the report for further discussion. Only a doctor can determine whether you need any follow-up tests or not for the confirmation.   

?Normal Report? varies in case of women and men

Never compare your blood test report with an opposite sex individual possessing same medical complexity. Otherwise, you will get surprised to find the huge differences in the report. 

It is so; because the RBC (red Blood Cells) counts vary in men comparatively to women. In men, the normal count ranges within 5-6 million cells per micro litre. On the other hand, the normal count ranges within 4-5 million in case of women.   

?Normal? may not or may get differed in terms of ?Age? 

Several tests are there which varied on the basis of the age of the individual. For instance, you can check that the normal haemoglobin level varies in kids to that of men and women. But on the other hand, the normal LDL cholesterol level is constant despite the age of the men, women and children. 

Hence on the basis of the heart-disease risk factors and age, a doctor will determine how much you are prone to severe medical conditions. Accordingly, right medication will be provided to the person to control the exact level. Additionally you are also advised to entertain the essential steps to keep your cholesterol level under control.??

?Positive Result? not always refers to ?positive news?

?Positive result? of the blood test doesn?t mean ?Good News?. It is so; because it often looks for the molecular markers of specific disease and infection in the blood currently a person suffers. 

Hence, you can find varied tests are available there to trace the presence of varied diseases such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, hepatitis C and much more. In this case, positivity refers to your exposure to specific infectious disease especially for which the test is performed.

?Negative Report? is generally ?Good News?

?Negativity? does not portray ?bad? whenever it is about blood test report. In this case, it represents that there is nothing to worry about the health condition of an individual. It depicts that you are free from the specific medical condition or infectious disease which is tested via drawing your blood samples.  

False-positive tests can also occur

After performing the private blood testing in London, whenever the outcome is positive it has to be confirmed with the help of a follow-up test. The second test (so-called follow-up test) will be accurate in determining and conforming whether the patient genuinely has any health issue or not! 

For instance, HIV test is often come as false positive and later it has been found that the patient isn?t infected. It happens due to the variation in the antibodies emerge due to certain medical conditions that affect the immune system of the body. These interfere with examination and affect the reports greatly. 

False-Negative Tests Results can also happen

Many times the blood test can?t detect the trace of any medical condition or disease even if you are already affected with it. Moreover, sometimes critical medical conditions are not get traced by the blood test at all. 

Not even that, if you get infected with any infection a week back, it can?t detect that too as well. Blood test fails to detect them as the infection isn?t developed any antibodies in the blood so that it can be traced.  

Test range varies from lab to lab

Different labs have different normal test range which is used by the respective labs? technicians. Basically, it is determined by the report of a majority of people who have been previously tested in a specific lab. That?s why it continues to change from a lab to another lab. 

So, you shouldn?t get surprised if the new blood test report varies greatly in comparison to the last one. It?s because of the lab and you must contact with the doctor in such a case for better information.     

Abnormal reports may or may not be due to infection and disease

If the blood test shows that you are excluded from the normal range it doesn?t means that you are suffering from any severe infections and diseases. Several other reasons are also there for the abnormal outcome of the blood test report. Suppose you have to perform a specific blood test on fasting and you have eaten to your heart-fill. 

Then, it will definitely create its impact on the test report. Furthermore, consumption of alcohol and intake of certain medications can also affect the report as well. Hence, you are always advised to consult with the doctor to take the blood test preparation in the right manner.     

Mistakes can also happen 

Although mixing up of the samples of blood test are rare, yet it occurs in some labs. Moreover, the ways of treating the blood samples prior to it?s analyse can have an impact on the results too. 

Thus, it is recommended not to shake the sample and not to collect in the wrong container. Even samples must be preserved in the exact temperature otherwise it can get contaminated and unfit to analyse.     

Hope, you are well-versed with all the possible outcomes of the blood test along with its positive and negative impact. Consult with your doctor immediately if you are about to perform the routine check-up soon. Rather panicking you are advised to talk with your doctor for every concern.   

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