Perks and Challenges Attached to Uber for Dog Walking App Development

Uber for Dog Walking App

A very old proverbial saying goes, ?A dog is a man?s best friend? and so true this saying is indeed. A dog stands by you in times of danger, waits for you when nobody is. So they deserve to be shown love and care. However the busy life we humans have nowadays makes it rather difficult that we can actually give time to our dogs. This is where Uber for Dog Walking App steps into the picture.

With this app you can get a professional dog walker for your dogs who will see on them in your absence.

Here?s a brief description about the app in detail.

About Uber for Dog Walking App

The Uber for Dog Walking App assists customers (dog owners) get connected to professional and vetted dog walkers nearby simply through a few taps on their respective smartphone or iPhone devices.

How Dog Owners Locate Dog Walkers Nearby with the Uber for Dog Walking App

With the taps placed by a customer (dog owner), they can get connected to dog walkers nearby. Thereafter, they can book the services of the dog walker and get their dog walked.

So now that you know a little about this solution, let us now know some unique attributes that are present in the solution making it easy for the customer (dog owner) get connected to a professional dog walker nearby.

Unique Features Present in Uber for Dog Walking App

Live-Track Location of Dog

This feature helps the dog owner know the exact whereabouts of their dog and track their position using real-time tracking.

Get Lock Box

This feature comes as a welcoming move especially for the busy professionals of today. Utilizing this feature, the dog walker can easily walk in to the house in order to offer the dog walking services.

Get Activity Report

A very interactive feature present in the Uber for Dog Walking App, the ?Get Activity Report? feature provides dog owners with a review by the dog walker for their dogs and their overall experience.

All these features have gone on to make the solution on a whole popular among dog walkers and dog owners both. Also, it has captured the attention of new pet care industries as well.

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Uber for Dog Walking App

The solution however has some advantages and disadvantages attached to it and it is important and mandatory you remember the same. Failure to do so will lead to your industry losing out on customers (dog owners) in the long run.

Pros of Uber for Dog Walking App Development

Less Expensive than Full Day of Dog Care

When you put your dog in a daycare centre it means the dog is with a dog caregiver for almost the entire day in comparison to when you do the same through a dog walking app. Utilizing the app, the dog walker spends close to 30 to 60 minutes with the dog and that is about it. This means a huge amount of money getting saved.

Promises Dog Owners Trusted and Reliable Dog Walkers

With the presence of the Uber for Dog Walking App, dog owners are assured and promised quality dog care services from reliable as well as professional dog walkers meaning the dogs will remain absolutely safe when the owner isn?t around.

Helps Industry Attract Attention of More Dog Owners

Presence of the dog walking app helps the pet care industry attract more dog owners and capture their attention in the most unique manner. Since around 70 percent of people all over the world run their life through a mobile app, it comes as no surprise therefore that with the presence of a dog walking app, the pet care industry can educate customers about them as well as their services in a more unique manner.

Cons Uber for Dog App Has

Despite the advantages that are given above, the solution also has some cons attached. It is important you remember them so as to ensure the utmost safety of your dogs at all times.

Disadvantages of Uber for Dog Walking App Development

  • New dog walkers every day which means the dog may or may not be comfortable with a new person to look after them when their master is away
  • Does not suit well for those dogs poorly trained. This means the app may prove dangerous for the dog walker in case the dog is poorly trained and may prove dangerous to other dogs
  • Issues of security concern as dog owners usually don?t feel comfortable leaving their dogs or properties to those they haven?t met before.


It is important you remember these pros and cons before you enter the process of Uber for Dog Walking App development. This will assure the safety and security of dogs at all times and ensure you have maximum dog owners relying upon you as well as your services.

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