What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is another called internet advertising or online marketing. Digital marketing refers marketing for product or service based on internet. Electronics device should be the key of medium. It could be TV, mobile-phone, electronics bill-board etc. Channel is the important key factor for the purpose to digital marketing. It would be the terminal for clients and customers. So the channel of digital marketing such as -> 

1. Website Marketing. 2. Search Engine optimization. 3. Pay per click advertisement. 4. Email marketing. 5. Social media marketing. 6. Affiliate marketing. 7. Mobile marketing. 8. Video marketing. 9. Content marketing. 10. TV marketing. 11. SMS marketing. 12. Radio marketing. 13. Billboard marketing. 

Why Digital Marketing? 

1. Digital marketing is very effective for small business. There was a time only large company focusing their business worldwide. But time has to changed, small business published 

their advertisement. Here they get suitable place and its online platform. Not only for a platform but also its cost consuming compare traditional business. 

So we can say that online platform playing the key role. 

2. Cost per lead is another important part of digital marketers. Because first of all they need to promote their products that’s why they want to contact various advertisement channel. But it’s very costly particularly for small enterprises. They have not enough capital, so they can contact various website or social media platform. Through the example for contact or sign-up page to the website, and they get targeted customer (that’s another called customer lead). Marketers must paid for every lead those website that he has got targeted lead. 

3. Delivers conversion is one of the significant issue. First of all generate incoming traffic. It’s depends on-> 

1. Leads. 

2. Subscriber. 

3. Sales. 

After that need’s to campaign and it’s depends on-> 

1. Search engine optimization. 

2. Social media marketing. 

3. Email marketing. 

4. Digital marketing provides better revenue compare than traditional business. 

Higher conversion rate ensure the better revenue. If you increase higher conversion rate of your business you can get better revenue. 

5. Targeted audience facility carries better feedback of your digital business. First of all you select your product and you set your targeted audience. Various social platform has, they helped to find your targeted audience. So we can say digital marketing gives better relationship with your targeted audience. 

6. Digital marketing should be caters for mobile consumers. Now at this moment mobile gadgets is much more popular than laptop or desktop computer. Research organization finds the information of 91% adult generation of American they choose mobile phone for the best alternative. 

7. Digital business better role play for your marketing investment. Monitored and tracked are the main beneficial advantage of digital marketing. You can take your decision very quick and also you clear to understand where you invest your capital and how much. 

8. Digital marketers apply various innovative way to motivate their customer such as -> 

Sign-up button. 

2. like button. 3. Download button. So digital marketing mention people to take favorable action.

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