UAE’s National Day: 7 Unique Gift Ideas to Cheer Your Day

For the nationals of UAE, also known as Emiratis, the National Day is marked as a day of celebration. Every year on 2 December the nationals of UAE celebrate this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Homes and streets are decorated with the national flag, friends and families arrange get-togethers to celebrate the occasion.

National day luxury gift

I can assure you, not everywhere in the world the national day is celebrated in this fashion. The level of patriotism among the UAE nationals is unmatchable. Who else would share gifts on a national day? But in the UAE, it?s a common practice.

And these are no ordinary gifts. The locals try to buy the best possible gifts within their budget for their fellows. Since gift ideas are never fresh, one keeps searching for them online. That?s why I?m writing this post, so you can take some fresh gift ideas for the National day.

I?m going to share 7 unique and luxurious gift ideas that are great to surprise each of your family members and friends on the next National day.

Luxury Gift Ideas for the National Day

Honey with Custom Text on the Gift Box

We all have friends and family members who are diet conscious; or people who choose their food wisely. Honey has hundreds of health benefits, from better immunity to a natural cure for many mild health issues, what could be a better gift than this?

However, don?t buy any random honey. The honey should be pure and tasty. And that?s your job to find out what kind of honey your friend likes. A nice little wrapping on the honey jar or preferably a gift box would add a bit of grandeur to your gift.

A Yummy Chocolate Bar

Now then, not all of our friends and relatives follow a strict diet. Nor are they conscious of their eating habits. All they crave is sugar, be it in the form of cookies or chocolates.

The UAE is known for its quality of chocolates (don?t tell me your mouth is still dry) and an expensive chocolate bar could be a great National day luxury gift.When given to the right people — who don?t care about their calorie consumption — this will further strengthen your friendship.


Ah, perfume! Hasn?t it become an old-fashioned gift? No, perfume will never be an ordinary gift because most people care about how other people feel their presence. Some fragrances earn you unexpected attention from the people you were dying to interact with. Relatable?

But be aware of their choices. Those who have wardrobes full of perfume are quite choosy about them. An ordinary perfume will do more harm than good and they might not even bother to use it.

Makeup Set

An ideal gift for your female friend, mother, and sisters on National day. Makeup sets are something all girls love, the more expensive they are the more variety they have. They usually have lipsticks, blushes, highlighters, contour, face compact, and much more.

If you are a boy, gifting this to your mother, sister, or someone else in your family on National day may sound weird; but to them, it?s a dream gift. They never get bored of these.

Fresh Ajwa Dates

When it comes to the quality of dates, Ajwa dates are ahead of all other types. Because they are quite expensive, not everyone uses them on a regular basis. That makes these a great gift for your friend or relative who loves eating dates.

To add some colors to your national day gift, you can get these wrapped and packaged in a fancy gift box. With UAE?s flag colors on top of it, this will be the most unique gift you will ever give to someone on National day.

Flower Bouquet

Though flower bouquets are quite common as a gift, but not on National day. People think they have become too common to be used as a gift now, however, they are still considered precious.

Especially when you are on a tight budget, your options are limited. But you still want the receiver to feel special, to understand your feelings. Nothing can do this better than a flower bouquet.

Power Bank

Are you kidding me, a power bank on National day? Ask any of your friends or relatives, would they mind it if someone gifts them a power bank on their birthday or any other occasion?

Chances are most of them would happily accept a power bank as a gift. Be it on the National day or at their wedding ceremony, they won?t mind it. You can?t underestimate it.

Neither it?s cheap nor it?s an optional thing today. We all dread running out of our mobile battery in the office, while traveling, and when we are away from our home. This power bank can solve this problem for them.

Looking at the ideas and inspirations as listed above, a gift is a gift irrespective of its price. Learn to appreciate even the smallest of gifts you receive and expect the same from other people. If they don?t appreciate a small gift, chances are even a luxurious gift won?t impress them. Anyways, Happy National Day in Advance!